G&B Comedy Venues

The Star of Kings – Tuesdays and Sundays

The newest addition to the weekly G&B nights is The Star of Kings. You’ll find G&B Comedy here every Tuesday and Sunday. Tuesday’s shows kick off at 7.45pm. Our new Sunday shows, proving laughter is the best cure for a hangover, start at 3.45pm and finish at 6.30pm. If you’re looking for one of the best and only traditional pubs in Kings Cross then you’re in the right place, we should know – we’ve been here before it was the place to be. Take a 5-minute walk behind Kings Cross station and you’ll find us – just opposite Granary Square.

Arch 1 – Wednesdays

If G&B has a spiritual home, it’s Arch One, a unique and special venue made all the more so thanks to its owner, Rob Clarke. It’s with the support of Arch One that G&B began its famous Girlpower Nights, its first LGBT nights and thanks to Arch One’s help we’ve raised £1,000s for various charities. G&B has been putting on comedy nights here since 2014, as a result Arch One has a very special place in the hearts of G&B regulars. “Arch1 is an independently owned intimate venue for music and the arts, where people have been coming together to

The Royal George – Thursdays

Right at the heart of the West End, opposite Centre Point and less than a minute’s walk from Tottenham Court Rd station, The Royal George is Soho’s hidden secret bringing together craft beer, cocktails, the freshest tastes and events. No matter who you’re catching up with, or what kinds of dishes you’re in the mood for, there’s something for everyone from our kitchens on our classic British pub menus. And with our perfectly poured cocktails to classic ales to craft beers, we’ve got just what you need to quench your thirst. So whether you or your mates are wine connoisseurs

Upcoming Events

G&B Halloween Special

G&B’s Girlpower

Headlining Sunday’s Girlpower at The Star of Kings we have the wonderful Emily McQuade and just booked on Thursday after her win at our New Act Competition we’ve the hilarious, Caroline Madds. Your MC is the wonderful Charlotte McKinney and the rest of the afternoon’s laughter will be thanks to this collection of femmes fabulous: Sarah Bowles Annabel Edmonds Katie McLeod Lily Webb Georgia Thorp Natalie Durkin Victoria Shortley Barbara Fernandez Sapphire Marty Gleeson Phoebe Hitt Dexter Jo Mr Lorraine Leigh Douglas Tasmin Sarkany Show starts at 3.30pm. See you Sunday.

G&B New Act Competition

G&B’s New Act Competition will have one last winner before the year’s out. And competing for the trophy and the cash this time we have: Will Owen Barbara Fernandez Gary Manhine Holly Kasselder Lilian Belli Connor Yeates Marc Molnar Lily Webb Yousif Musa Annabel Edmonds Jonathan Wells Rohan Sharma Ellen O’Reilly Oli Riordan Dane Buckley Phoebe Hitt Show starts at 7.30pm.

G&B’s Camp as Christmas Show

December 14th is our final LGBT night of 2021 and we’re going out with a bang and a boa with G&B’s Camp as Christmas Show. Headlining we have the hilarious CJ Hopkins and the simply brilliant Dee Allum-Gruselle. The rest of the camp and the crazy will be thanks to this festively fabulous lot: David Ferguson Lily Webb Natalie Durkin Rhys Thorne Gareth Edward Sassy Clyde Ren Pereira Oli Riordan Dane Buckley Bex Bond Philip Ascott Miss Rielle Samia Hussen Lee Campbell Meredith Martyn Marco Chiu Michael Cumes Show starts at 7.30pm at The Star of Kings. Dress code: fabulous!

Girlpower Christmas

It’s G&B’s final show of the year on December 23rd and we’re going out on a bang with our favourite show, Girlpower!!!

Tuesdays at The Star of Kings

Headlining at The Star of Kings on Tuesday November 30th we have the hilarious Jake Cornford and the brilliant Ben Kavanagh. The rest of the evening’s funnies will be from this lot: Daniel Bishop Shalaka Kurup Myles Burgess Jen Greenwood Katie McLeod Oskaras Šiuša Alex Theo Rhea Folkers Chris East Mr Lorraine Tom Gaskin Jim Brown Billy Abery Holly Kasselder Jamie Skepper Kyle Davies Anthony Gilét  Show starts at 7.30pm.

Wednesdays at Arch One

Headlining December 1st at Arch1 we have the brilliant Sean Knox and the utter legend that is Jimbo. Bringing the laughs for the rest of the night we have this fabulous lot: Doug Graves Barbara Fernandez Jack Davies David Parsons Omodara Olatunji Mr Lorraine Connor Yeates Lim Ajay Rose Joseph O’Donovan Louis Brady Emma Richardson Marc Molnar Tom Cousins Peter Wallace Show starts at 7.30pm.

Thursdays at The Royal George

Headlining December 2nd at Royal George Charing Cross Road we have the wonderfully weird Neuroses (aka Robbie Fox) and the brilliant Rick Kiesewetter. The rest of the evening will have laughs and giggles from this lot: Steven Mayne Cedric Aubert Nativ Gigs Rhys Thorne Lily Webb Dexter Jo Jim Brown Louisa Corr Ben Mills Pete Kinsella Naif Mohamed Jake Zukerman Max Norman Rielle Longhurst Show starts at 7.30pm.

Sunday, December 12th, Star of Kings

As we head closer to Christmas, the party buzz at the club gets livelier with each gig and yesterday’s Sunday show at The Star of Kings was no exception. Kicking things off we had the fabulous Lisa Carroll. Lisa describes herself as the BFG with tits and despite intimidating some men says she’s a fucking kitten! It was then over to Benjamin Bryant who’s had to endure a conversation with someone recently that was so peppered with racist dog whistles it’s a wonder dogs weren’t howling outside. Next was Flora Butter, a lady from a long line of nutritious spreads

Past Events

Sunday, December 12th, Star of Kings

As we head closer to Christmas, the party buzz at the club gets livelier with each gig and yesterday’s Sunday show at The Star of Kings was no exception. Kicking things off we had the fabulous Lisa Carroll. Lisa describes herself as the BFG with tits and despite intimidating some men says she’s a fucking kitten! It was then over to Benjamin Bryant who’s had to endure a conversation with someone recently that was so peppered with racist dog whistles it’s a wonder dogs weren’t howling outside. Next was Flora Butter, a lady from a long line of nutritious spreads

December 14th, Star of Kings, Camp as Christmas Show

Last night was G&B’s Camp as Christmas Show at The Star of Kings and it certainly lived up to its title. First up was the irrepressibly Northern Natalie Durkin, a gal who doesn’t own a coat and whose favourite tipple is gravy. It was then over to Oli Riordan, who loved having divorced parents as a kid because it meant double the gifts at Christmas. We then had Sassy Clyde, who once and for all put the scissoring myth to bed. It was then over to Dane Buckley, who says he’s half Irish and half Indian and whose nan says

Wednesday, December 8th, Arch One

Last night we were at Arch1 and had a cracker of a line-up in store for the crowd. First up was Shahbaaz who offered a theory as to why Christians like to hold on to their traditions: chocolate eggs at Easter, pressies and food at Christmas as opposed to praying five times a day and starving yourself for a month every year. It’s a tough sell. We then had Lisa Carroll and the pain and suffering caused when Facebook and Instagram went down and she was unable to share news of the gorgeous man she’d met. Her pain was real,

Tuesday, December 7th, Star of Kings, Nightmare Before Christmas Show

Six years ago to the day was our first G&B’s Nightmare Before Christmas show, an evening dedicated to comedy’s darker side. It was from the success of this night we developed our Dark Delights shows (the next one is February 22nd), a space where acts could experiment with darker comedy in the knowledge an audience knew what was in store. Good dark comedy is possibly the most difficult to hone and perfect. Too often we see young comics come to the stage with tasteless gags that they think are funny and when they get a cold response from a room

Thursday, December 2nd, Royal George

It was a slightly quieter night than usual at Royal George Charing Cross Road last night, but the past couple of months have been packed to bursting, so a little more legroom was kinda nice. That said, they were a lovely crowd, so all in all a fun night. Our MC for the evening was the brilliant Steven Mayne who wasted no time getting the room energised and laughing before bringing on our first act of the night, the hilarious Pete Kinsella. Pete has never been to prison, a fact he likes to get out of the way early on,

Wednesday, December 1st, Arch One

Well we had an awesome night of comedy at Arch1 last night. Everyone was on cracking form and the audience were lapping it up. First to the stage was the sumptuous, sartorial silliness of Jack Davies and just why blow-jobs are wrong and complimenting someone’s shoes is an insult. Next was Danny John Scott, the teacher who is inspiring a whole new generation of burger technicians and Hollyoaks’ extras. It was then over to Shuang Teng who learned a whole new language because she was just too polite to correct a colleague who thought she was Japanese. Next was the

Tuesday, November 30th, Star of Kings

We were at The Star of Kings last night and the show kicked off with some laughs from Jim Brown and some of the little things he tried during lockdown. Divorce was his least favourite. It was then over to the brilliant Holly Kasselder. Holly describes herself as one of life’s ‘medium’ type people, but our audience definitely thought she was one of life’s fabulous people! We then had Jamie Skepper, who comes from a long line of torch bearers and tightwads. Marc Molnar was next with why he would get paranoid and check if he’d crapped himself any time

Sunday, November 28th, Girlpower at The Star of Kings

Yesterday at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Girlpower, and what a cracker it was. Our MC for the afternoon was the wonderful Charlotte McKinney who kept the crowd loving the Girlpower vibe. The first act Charlotte brought to the stage was Lily Webb, who is easily the greatest example of opposites attract you’ll ever find. Next was Sarah Bowles, a lady who knows way too much about her neighbours’ sex life thanks to bad sound insulation. It was then over to Phoebe Hitt and the joys of the friendship lunge, which she will be copyrighting very soon. After Phoebe

Thursday, November 25th, Royal George

It was another capacity room at Royal George Charing Cross Road last night and they were a wonderfully up for it crowd, too. It was a perfect room to make your MC debut and that’s exactly what Steven Mayne got. As far as first MC spots go, Steven nailed it. The first act of the night Steven brought to the stage was the hilarious Tom Gaskin with just why crabs might enjoy a cocktail umbrella. After Tom we had Sadie Clark. Sadie’s observed that the straight, white men in her life seem to spend half their time apologising for their

Wednesday, November 24th, Arch One

G&B was at Arch1 last night and we had a cracker of a show. Kicking it all off we had Simon Hall, a man who loathes how women are treated and cat called in the street, largely because he gets it himself from building sites thanks to his long hair. After Simon was Lilian Belli, who has found herself recently contemplating lesbianism, if only for a more sophisticated foreplay experience. Rhea Folkers was next with the secrets of the trans handbag and just why the bathroom is always utterly spotless when she leaves. Cedric Aubert was next with the joys

Tuesday, November 23rd, G&B’s New Act Competition

Last night saw the return of G&B's New Act Competition. Now it took us years to do a competition night because by and large I don’t like the atmosphere they engender as they feel contrary to that which we go out of our way to encourage at G&B. When an audience takes part in the judging process, the comedy often doesn’t get appreciated for what it is as it is being judged set by set. Really? said the G&B crowd. Hold our drinks. Well, at the end of the evening the acts gave a round of applause to the audience,

November 7th, Sunday at The Star of Kings

So I’ve no write-up for yesterday’s show at The Star of Kings as I was technically audience yesterday because I’d handed the show in its entirety over to Ryan Cross to do his first full show MC job. Also popping his cherry was Jimmy Grimble who was doing his first G&B headline spot and I think it’s fair to say they both utterly smashed it. As far as first MC spots go, I’m sure today Ryan is thanking the comedy gods for giving him an absolute gift of a line-up for his first MC job. You’ll be seeing more of

Thursday, November 4th, The Royal George

So last night’s show at Royal George Charing Cross Road was jam-packed with some great new talent making their G&B debuts. The first act to the stage was Steven Mayne, a man who can’t help but admire the incredible efficiency of sex workers who can make a whole hour seem like mere minutes. It was then over to Lily Webb and how Vincent van Gogh was her wing man on a first date. Almost Marc then explained just why kids are the worst possible business plan for couples. It was then over to a trio of new faces, starting with

Wednesday, November 3rd, Arch 1

It was a packed night at Arch1 last night with some great new faces doing their first sets at G&B, which is always exciting. First to the stage was Dina Leander, who says to help with anxiety she’s tried meditation, or masturbation, she can never remember which. It was then over to Phil Wathern who says he doesn’t approve of fox hunting, but will happily see them all dead if it risks his kebab. Next was out first new face of the evening, Acadia Stanton. Acadia enjoys the judgemental rights of being a Londoner and has an excellent manifesto on

Wednesday, October 20th, Arch One, Girlpower Night

Last night was Girlpower Night at Arch One and it was an incredible evening from start to finish. Every single act on that stage reminded the audience why these nights have been going for over six years. It was just amazing. At the helm was the wonderful Jo Fletcher-Cross, Eurovision expert and all round femme fabulous MC who kept things moving and packed with fun. The first act Jo brought to the stage was Maya Kolaska with some tips on how to tell what sort of person you are by the kind of dating show you prefer. It was then

Tuesday, October 19th, Star of Kings

It was a great show at The Star of Kings last night with some awesome acts working their craft. First up was the hilarious Greg Houston and the easy how-to guide for wannabe basketball players. It was then over to Robyn Bowman, a gal who grew up in a farming community and who by the age of 10 knew how to castrate…and still can, apparently. After Robyn was Sam Coade, aka Big Man, aka Tall Boy, the coolest dude in Ben & Jerry’s. It was then over to Daniel Webb and everything from Imposter Syndrome to dragons and that doggy

Thursday, October 14th, Royal George, Soho

Last night was week two back at The Royal George (soho) and it was another packed room and awesome line-up. I was particularly excited about this show because there were seven acts on the bill whom I’d never seen before. Pretty much without fail over the years, these nights turn out to be an absolute joy of discovery and last night was no exception. Kicking things off we had Sean Knox and what really gets him up in the morning…final demands and overwhelming debt. It was then over to Frankie M and her desire to see a 40+ edition of

Wednesday, October 13th, Arch One

It was another amazing gig at Arch1 last night. There’s nowhere quite like Arch1 for nights like these, as any G&B regular who knows Arch 1 will tell you. Opening the show (I think technically Rob opened the show last night, but let’s not encourage him any further) was Jim Brown, who claims to have been sober now for 18 months…on and off. After Jim was Yousif Musa, a man who hates having to get job references from ex-employers, and girlfriends. It was then over to Tambet Sild, aka The Bridge, whom some of you may recognise from the numerous

Thursday, October 7th, Royal George

So it was 17 months almost to the day when G&B last had a show at The Royal George, so it was amazing to be back and I was overjoyed to be there. It seems I wasn’t the only one who’d missed the place. The venue was packed with faces old and new and all up for some comedy. First to the new look stage was Eddie Black, who after months of lockdown watching Bear Grylls he took away from it all one thing: no one likes a drama queen in the jungle! After Eddie was Danny John Scott, a

Wednesday, October 6th, Arch One

Over the years, if you’ve been coming to Arch One, as either act or audience, it will have a special place in your heart. It’s as unique a venue as you find in London, largely I suspect due to Robert, its owner, barman and regular MC heckler. But every now and then you get a special night there, a night where the audience and line-up are a perfect fit for each other and comedy magic happens. Well last night was one such evening. Opening the show we had Jim Brown and the difference between electric and acoustic toothbrushes. It was

Tuesday, October 5th, Star of Kings

It was a slightly quieter evening than usual at The Star, but I think it’s fair to say we made up for it in comedy quality. First to the mic was the hilarious Ryan Cross (someone you’ll be seeing more of in the MC role at The Star real soon) and why let them eat cake really isn’t the thing to do on holiday. David Veniar then hit the crowd with one of the most incredible bits of, how can I word this, Mormon sex trampolining trivia. It was quite, quite special. It was then over to Renata Pereira, who

Sunday, October 3rd, Star of Kings

Sunday afternoon at The Star of Kings was another cracker of a show. Kicking things off we had the brilliant Jimmy Grimble and hamster suicide, DIY circumcision and Sainsbury’s bump and grind. It was then over to Shuang Teng and the mother of all Freudian slips, the less said of the better. G&B’s favourite punster, the truly puntastic Mark Rivlin was next with just why he and his wife don’t do everything together, especially beard growing. After Mark was Renata Pereira, Pritti Patel’s worst nightmare and a lady with some seriously confusing heritage, but she’s proud of her twang. It

Wednesday, September 29th, Arch One

So last night at Arch1 we had an absolutely stellar night of comedy. Our audience left The Arch with jaws and sides sore from laughing. Kicking the show off we had the hilarious Daniel Vallender, a man who longs for the life of a fictional detective so he can one day be called a loose cannon by his boss…and have an excuse for hard drinking. It was then over to Charlie Evans and global climate change, and how we seem to be treating it a bit like Brexit and hoping for an extension from Mother Nature so we can get

Tuesday, September 28th, Star of Kings, Growing Old Disgracefully Show

It was G&B’s Growing Old Disgracefully Show at The Star of Kings last night and true to form it was an absolute cracker of a night. Kicking things off with a hilarious take on male grooming products was the brilliant Gary Munchausen, putting the machismo back in hair care. It was then over to Georgia Thorp, a lady who once fancied being an astronaut, despite not being great at maths, but can float really well. Eddie Black was next with his confession that he hates kids can’t be doing with them…and told his daughter’s teachers that much. The utterly puntastic

Sunday, September 26th, Star of Kings

Our Sunday afternoon shows at The Star of Kings go from strength to strength with each passing week. This timeslot seems to have hit the mark as neat alternative to a Sunday evening show. Last night was no exception with a wonderful crowd who were up for laughs. First to the stage we had Louisa Corr and just why parents are a bit crap when it comes to faux text concern. It was then over to Paul Little, the man who reckons Jaws might have been a very different movie if the coast guard had employed vague euphemisms to get

Wednesday, September 22nd, Arch One, Music & Character Comedy Night

It was our G&B’s Music & Character Comedy show last night at Arch1 and it was every bit the rollercoaster of craziness we expect from these nights. There’s a reason these shows are so popular and the wonderful range of sheer creativity and craziness was fabulously amplified by our MC, Kitty Cassis (aka Aimee Cooper), who was all guns blaring on cracking form last night. The first act Kitty brought to the stage was Janet (aka Tom Briggs), the ultra-rapid change therapist who may have need of her own services, so don’t mention the ex-husband. It was then over to

Wednesday, September 15th, Arch One

It was a wonderfully busy and buzzing night at Arch1 last night and the show got going with a set from Danny Walsh, who recently came out as Bi. Unfortunately, bi-polar doesn’t get him as much sex as the other bi, so not enjoying it as much. It was then over to Chris Ryan, a very hairy man whose chest resembles a haunted forest, complete with Hobbits. Mimi Chan was after Chris with some interesting confessions about saggy balls and The Fantastic Mr Fox. Hot on Mimi’s heels was Matt Lowes, a man who like apples from all kinds of

Tuesday, September 14th, Star of Kings

Last night at The Star of Kings was a ton of fun all kicked off by an absolute stellar set from musical trio Ding. From coffee love to the checkout sonnet, they were an absolute blast to start the night. It was then over to Ros Hale for a little more music, in the form of her lockdown breakdown, homemade bagpipes. After Ros we had Richard Cobb and some tips on how not to get star struck when meeting celebrity dogs. Dave Mullen then confessed that he used to be insecure in the bedroom, whereas now he’s insecure in rooms

Wednesday, September 8th, Arch One

So we were back at Arch1 last night and I was so looking forward to the evening, especially as we had two awesome headliners on the bill. First up, though, was the hilarious George Tothill. During lockdown, George decided he was going to get buff, but ambitions of ripped muscles fell away when he learned how to cook a particularly delicious mussels skordalia. Lilian Belli was next with tantric telepathy and the Totness family fun dynamic. It was then over to Rohan Sharma, who is no fan of nominative determinism…or baby food. Barbara Fernandez was after Rohan with some interesting

Tuesday, September 7th, Star of Kings

So last night at The Star of Kings I had to rush home very quickly before the show started, which meant either starting late or making a field promotion and having someone MC the first half of the show. Well, we’re going to be seeing more of Ryan Cross in the MC role after last night I suspect. He did a cracking job at seriously short notice. So big it up for MC Ryan! Unfortunately, I missed the first act, Lee VG, so just take my word for it when I say I always make sure the first act is

G&B Online, Monday, September 6th. Via Zoom

Last night was our monthly G&B Online show and I didn’t stop laughing from start to finish. Our MC’s last night were the American duo Button Bob and Licksy Gal, ably assisted by Alastair Sadler. The first act they brought to the G&B cyber stage was the punilicious Kyle Davies who laid out the strict rules of vegan club: rule 1, always talk about vegan club; rule 2 – ironically – no meat. It was then over to Anna George who told us all about her day job studying sad, insecure, pathetic arseholes. AKA white supremacists. Next was the fabulous

Girlpower, Sunday, September 5th, Star of Kings

So yesterday was the first of our early Sunday shows at The Star of Kings. G&B has been planning for a few years now to do an early show on a Sunday and knew it depended on getting the right venue and the right timeslot to make it work. To be honest, we were never entirely sure this would work but had wanted to try and see if we could make it work. Well as soon as we started booking for our Sunday shows the spots got snapped up fast and if yesterday’s packed room was anything to go by

Wednesday, September 1st, Arch One

It was a night packed with new comedy talent at Arch1 last night and the first act to get things going was the hilarious Rabiah Coon. Rabiah, in her search for Mr Right, has decided to extend the distance parameters on her dating apps to ‘anywhere’. It was then over to Shuang Teng who admitted to loving a good old fashioned rom-com on TV, the kind that stars the likes of Fred and Rosemary West or anything to do with a bit of matrimonial cannibalism. Next was Ramon Diaz, who says he’s suffering from infinity dick syndrome, which isn’t quite

LGBT Night, Tuesday, August 31st, Star of Kings

Last night at Star of Kings was our first LGBT night in over 18 months and it was an absolute blast. First to the stage, and fitting snugly under its low ceiling, was James Murphy, our favourite jolly rainbow giant. James quickly informed everyone that he now has a boyfriend, so ‘that backdoor is now spoken for!’. It was then over to Ahad Haider, who is confident he picked the right side of the battle of the sexual dynamics and who is a dab hand at puppetry. The wonderful Renata Pereira was after Ahad with some 80’s nostalgia…which she seems

Wednesday, August 25th, Arch One

It was a fabulously buzzing night at Arch1 last night, great crowd and a cracking line-up. First up was Ren Pereira, a lady for whom 9/11 was a very dark period and a more than memorable homemade airline tampon. It was then over to Danny Walsh who reliably informed us that The Queen couldn’t possibly be a lizard and that it’s just not on to claim you’re the son of God while wearing a Primark tracksuit. After Danny was Liz Maslakova who is doing everything she can to disprove as many Russian stereotypes as possible. Hot on Liz’s heels was

Tuesday, August 24th, Star of Kings

It was a packed and brilliant night at The Star of Kings last night and first to the stage was the hilarious Ryan Cross, whose preference for a role play outfit was more Gas Board than Ann Summers. Lee VG was next with the foolproof guide to never getting out the wrong side of the bed. It was then over to Shuang Teng and the problems of an overly smiley disposition…especially at funerals. Ahmed Ibrahim was next with how to prove you’re not a serial killer, which isn’t as easy as you might think. After Ibrahim, we had Jo Dexter

Wednesday, August 18th, Arch One

Last night was Arch1 and kicking the show off we had Gary Walsh, a lad who’d been kidnapped in his youth only to discover his mom refused to pay up…under any circumstances. It was then over to Morag, a gal from The Orkney’s, where jury service can often be too much of a family affair. After Morag we had Ramon Diaz who is sad about Sean Lock, but reckons it has left a vacancy at the top. Our next act, Elliott Brown, is a proud vegan who admits he’ll happily kill with a vegetarian cook book if the situation demands.

Tuesday, August 17th, Star of Kings

Last night was our second show at our new Tuesday night home, The Star of Kings, and it was a packed room with lots of new faces. Our first act up to the stage was a G&B regular, the hilarious Ryan Cross. At the moment, Ryan can’t wait for his partner to leave the flat so he can indulge in some hard core fantasy time. Mainly that of being able to afford to live on his own. It was then over to another G&B fave, Robbie Fox who says he’s going through his sarcastic phase…seriously. He’s also managing to keep

Wednesday, August 11th, Arch One

As we slowly get back to normal, increasing our weekly gigs, last night was our second show this week. By end of September we should be up to four shows a week. Opening the show at Arch1 last night was Koutsis, a man who has been dishing out £20’s to random women in the street. After Manny we had Stephen Portlock and his loyal, and very well behaved, dog and the fantasy arch of Wonder Woman to Miss Piggy. Speaking of dogs, our next act, Jack Wood, manged to solve some accommodation issues during lockdown when he landed himself a

Opening Night at Star of Kings, Tuesday, August 10th

Last night was our opening night at Star Of Kings near Kings Cross and it turned out to be a cracker of a night. A nicely busy room full of punters there for the comedy and to see what our new night was like got a great show, kicked off by Matthew Bradfield, who unknowingly set a bit of a mental health theme to the proceedings. Matthew, who had married young, went on to compare his marriage to his boxing career: it was short-lived, painful and had to contact below the belt. After Matthew we had Lee VG. Lee has

Girlpower Night, Wednesday, August 4th, Arch One

Last night was our first live in-person Girlpower show of 2021 and I think it’s fair to say we started with a bang. Girlpower Night and its all-female line-up of comedy talent has been running now for six years and is still as fresh and vibrant as its first-ever gig. This is thanks to the acts who never fail to bring A-game sets and our audiences who are always, without exception, the most wonderfully supportive crowd. The best part for us at G&B is always the acts’ faces when they leave the stage, that mix of exhilaration and belonging that

Monday, August 2nd, G&B Online

So last night was our monthly G&B Online show and our MC for the evening was a G&B favourite, the wonderful Gary Shaw. Gary got things off to a great start before bringing to the G&B cyber stage the first act of the evening, the utterly hilarious Rebekka Turner who gave us a little rendition of Polly Pocket Penis, a catchy little ditty, but not one destined for iTunes, more the pity. It was then over to Kyle Davies who took us on a guided tour of all things Port Talbot, including its famous faces and graffiti. Kyle also claims

Wednesday, July 28th, Arch One

Wednesday at Arch1 saw the return of one of G&B’s most popular nights, our Growing Old Disgracefully night. And what a night it was. It was also great to see some familiar faces in the audience last night, Nativ, Jimmy, Lucy, Andy and several others. So great to see you all. The show got going with Simon Hall, who isn’t a scientist, so wouldn’t be so arrogant to try lecture you on anything, but he is a vegan, so doesn’t need to because he knows deep down he’s better than you. After Simon we had the fabulous Cecilia Delatori. Cecilia’s

Wednesday, July 21st, Arch One

So last night was G&B Comedy’s first live, in-person gig of 2021 and what a night it was. A fabulously packed audience got to see a line-up of acts dispel any covid blues as if they’d never had over a year’s hiatus from the stage. After a brief message from G&B’s government spokesperson, we got off to a cracking start and our first live act of 2021, Tiziano La Bella, the man whom you really want on your plane if heading to Ibiza…just not as your pilot! It was then over to Matthew Bradfield, who four years ago to the