Sunday, November 28th, Girlpower at The Star of Kings

Yesterday at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Girlpower, and what a cracker it was. Our MC for the afternoon was the wonderful Charlotte McKinney who kept the crowd loving the Girlpower vibe. The first act Charlotte brought to the stage was Lily Webb, who is easily the greatest example of opposites attract you’ll ever find. Next was Sarah Bowles, a lady who knows way too much about her neighbours’ sex life thanks to bad sound insulation. It was then over to Phoebe Hitt and the joys of the friendship lunge, which she will be copyrighting very soon. After Phoebe was Annabel Edmonds, who’d quite like a baby but doesn’t want to be a mum; she’d much prefer the responsibilities of being a father. It was then over to Leigh Douglas, who has a father that’s very vocal about her life choices, over Zoom…from beyond the grave! Katie McLeod was after Leigh with the real skills you need to land yourself a good office job. Turns out there’s more to strategic nodding than you could ever imagine, but if you have a good job you’ll know that one already. Closing the first half we had the brilliant Emily McQuade, whom on the LGBTQ scale identifies herself as ‘G’ for grateful. Emily left the crowd with the spooky tale of the haunted adult toy collection. Many won’t have slept well last night because of this one.
After the break the fabulous Georgia Thorp got things going with some wellness whispering and tips on psychotic driving. Victoria Shortley was next with the confession she’d love a bit of Prince Andrew’s condition: the non-sweaty thing, not the…well, you know. It was then over to Tasmin Sarkany who brought a bit of class to the proceedings with her stage partner, her violin, whose favourite pizza is Four Seasons. Keeping with the musical mood we then had Barbara Fernandez and the BPD song for multiple voices and personalities…all supplied by Barbara! Marty Gleeson was after Barabara with the whisper laugh and just why it might not take off, not even for worms. Closing the show, following her win at the New Act Competition, we had the simply hilarious Caroline Madds. Caroline gave the crowd some dating tips for the don’t give a fucks before confessing to being a sufferer of tinnitus, a non-stop, annoying noise that no one knows how to stop…a bit like Mrs Brown’s Boys.
Well that was Girlpower and as always it was an incredible atmosphere from a simply awesome crowd. Headlining next Sunday we have two absolute G&B favourites, Declan Kennedy and Victoria Melody. Hopefully see you then.