Tuesday, July 26th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Gary Manhine. It was an exciting night at The Star of Kings on Tuesday, what with basement floods and excited uproarious crowds upstairs enjoying England’s Lioness’s in the final of the Euro 2022. Nonetheless, a basement blast ensued as we kicked things off with the brilliant David Ian, who’s been getting dates to come around to his flat, just to force him to clean before they arrived. Next up was the sensational Ben Pollard, who’s been working on a book exploring the behind the scenes truth about the dog-kicking, incontinent, sausage fingered Tory party. All the

Monday, July 11th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez  Something’s in the air, cause it was another wild night at The Star of Kings yesterday! Opening the show was none other than G&B favourite Donal Vaughan – who may look like he’s lost a scout, but he knows exactly where the anti-vaxxers are: in heaven. Tim Biglowe says mushroom gathering may not be appropriate for a first date, but the purple mood ring in Wetherspoon’s said otherwise! Next was Charlie Evans who says if there’s a God, he’s clearly angry: we made Jeremy Corbyn famous, so maybe we deserve some heavenly brimstone. Continuing

Wednesday, July 6th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night and it was a really fun show that kicked off with a bang thanks to Rosemary Gomes whom as a psychologist has just landed her first celebrity client. Keep it to yourself, but Colin the caterpillar is a bit high maintenance. Next was Tino Giaccotto who’s been having a bit of a tough time recently after his now ex walked out, out on him. The mellifluous Barbara Fernandez was after Tino with the breaking news that her hymen has grown back with the added strength of a trampoline: it now sends dick spiralling into

Thursday, December 2nd, Royal George

It was a slightly quieter night than usual at Royal George Charing Cross Road last night, but the past couple of months have been packed to bursting, so a little more legroom was kinda nice. That said, they were a lovely crowd, so all in all a fun night. Our MC for the evening was the brilliant Steven Mayne who wasted no time getting the room energised and laughing before bringing on our first act of the night, the hilarious Pete Kinsella. Pete has never been to prison, a fact he likes to get out of the way early on,

Thursday, November 25th, Royal George

It was another capacity room at Royal George Charing Cross Road last night and they were a wonderfully up for it crowd, too. It was a perfect room to make your MC debut and that’s exactly what Steven Mayne got. As far as first MC spots go, Steven nailed it. The first act of the night Steven brought to the stage was the hilarious Tom Gaskin with just why crabs might enjoy a cocktail umbrella. After Tom we had Sadie Clark. Sadie’s observed that the straight, white men in her life seem to spend half their time apologising for their

Tuesday, November 23rd, G&B’s New Act Competition

Last night saw the return of G&B's New Act Competition. Now it took us years to do a competition night because by and large I don’t like the atmosphere they engender as they feel contrary to that which we go out of our way to encourage at G&B. When an audience takes part in the judging process, the comedy often doesn’t get appreciated for what it is as it is being judged set by set. Really? said the G&B crowd. Hold our drinks. Well, at the end of the evening the acts gave a round of applause to the audience,

Wednesday, September 1st, Arch One

It was a night packed with new comedy talent at Arch1 last night and the first act to get things going was the hilarious Rabiah Coon. Rabiah, in her search for Mr Right, has decided to extend the distance parameters on her dating apps to ‘anywhere’. It was then over to Shuang Teng who admitted to loving a good old fashioned rom-com on TV, the kind that stars the likes of Fred and Rosemary West or anything to do with a bit of matrimonial cannibalism. Next was Ramon Diaz, who says he’s suffering from infinity dick syndrome, which isn’t quite