G&B’s 8th Birthday at The Star of Kings

So it was G&B’s 8th Birthday! last night and what a truly awesome show it turned out to be. I couldn’t have been happier with everything from the turnout to the line-up. Nights like this one make everything so worthwhile. I even had a tear in my eye at several points during the night…which hasn’t happened since the 80’s! Kicking off the night was a familiar face to everyone who gigged at The Royal George last year, the simply hilarious Steven Mayne. Steven popped the night’s cork with a simply beautiful intro that would have had me blushing if I

Sunday, March 6th, Star of Kings

It was our Sunday afternoon show at The Star of Kings yesterday and the show got off to a cracking start with Tino Giaccotto and his breaking news that if you think the fact it’s your birthday means anything whatsoever to bar staff, you’re sadly mistaken. It was then over to Matthew Healy and some advice on how not to name your kid if you live in Romford. Jakob Tanner was next with news that he’s split up with his girlfriend. They wanted different things, mainly he wanted a relationship with her and she didn’t. Gary Manhine was after Jakob