Tuesday, August 2nd, The Albany,

It was a crazy busy night at The Albany – Great Portland Street last night and they were a wonderfully up for it crowd, too. Fist up was Sam Adamson and bereavement dissing and the power of the US tipper. After Sam was Holly Kasselder, who says she’s aggressively single, especially when it comes to her neighbour…or more specifically his cat. We then had Rhys Thorne and just how disappointed his parents were with his potential, specifically his potential to give them grandchildren. Next we had Ben Smolders who was loving the warmth of the crowd, but more so the

Girlpower Night, Star of Kings, July 25th

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez.  What a night we had at Girlpower last night at The Star of Kings! Kicking things off was Jennifer Zheng who says her mom may have kicked her out of her race in Ireland, but here in London she could fall over and land on a white dick. Maeve Boffey says she’s more white Irish than Jen, although her family would disagree: they call her the black sheep (even though she’s the only sheep). Ruth Stone then taught us how to choose the perfect cowpat for a frisbee – right before the raw onion

Tuesday, July 12th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez  Another brilliant (and a bit bonkers) night at The Star of Kings! Rosemary Gomes got us off to a great start – now we know why ducks cross the road: they’re in an argument over Row vs Wade. Steve Tillo then gave us the solution to stop people walking while speaking into their phones sideways – a bit of Adele should do it. Speaking of phones, Alex Howard says you know when you’ve had a rough night when your phone doesn’t recognise your face! Now there’s a conundrum. Next was Craig Butler who had

Sunday, July 10th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez  What a zany afternoon we had at The Star of Kings yesterday! At one point my sides hurt(!) Callum Mackenzie got us off to a roaring start – if Americans can shave ‘Freedom’ onto the back of a dog, why don’t Brits proclaim ‘Cut me, I bleed baked beans!’ Next was Holly Kasselder who asks: has anyone else ever been met with the tempting proposition of being milked in a field? Continuing with the dairy theme was Flora Barker who’s sister Utterly Butterly is facing an identity crisis: she may not be dairy, but

Monday, Star of Kings, June 20th

It was a really fun night at The Star of Kings last night with a wonderfully buzzing audience and non-stop quality comedy. First to the mic was Connor Yeates who has a rather fab way to guage a room’s white guilt. Jack Short, who stepped in to fill a no-show spot, confessed to having lost 3 stone. Apparently he was getting fed up with abuse about his weight…when he visited his parents! Moss then gave the audience a birthday card so we all remembered we’re gonna die before David Ian told us he often gets a Grindr hook up just

Tuesday, Star of Kings, May 24th

Ah pity the fools who were not at The Star of Kings last night! We had an awesome night at G&B last night. One of those evenings where a cracking line-up met a fabulous audience. First up was Fergus O’Doherty. Fergus reminded us of the dark past when signs outside certain premises could read “No blacks, no Irish, no dogs”. Just how committed a racist does someone have to be to hate dogs. It was then over to Callum Mackenzie who has met some of the strangest drug dealers, but has equaly out weirded them with his just say no

Sunday, Star of Kings, May 1st

Show blog by our guest MC Barbara Fernandez Yesterday at The Star of Kings was quite the afternoon! First up was Matthew Healy who cautioned us not to name a baby after the first thing you see: especially if you live in Romford. Next Monica Chatterjee who loves being short enough to call her boyfriends Daddy in the street: when she’s not being baptised in curry, that is. Benedetto Ferretti says that as he’s both Italian and camp, it’s time to stake his claim as a gay mafioso – complete with lots of moving hands. Seam Anderson taught us why

G&B’s New Act Competition

February’s New Act Competition sees the return of January’s winner, Ajay Rose, as guest headliner while this month’s acts compete for the trophy and the cash. And competing this month we have: Jack Davies Barbara Fernandez Laura Mackenzie Tino Giaccotto Andy Kyte Sam Coade Rohan Sharma Holly Kasselder Dane Buckley Tree Bradstreet Lee VG Mark Vincent Louis Brady Gary Manhine Tim Biglowe Jacob Bartlett Laura Beecham Show starts at 3.30pm.

G&B New Act Competition

G&B’s New Act Competition will have one last winner before the year’s out. And competing for the trophy and the cash this time we have: Will Owen Barbara Fernandez Gary Manhine Holly Kasselder Lilian Belli Connor Yeates Marc Molnar Lily Webb Yousif Musa Annabel Edmonds Jonathan Wells Rohan Sharma Ellen O’Reilly Oli Riordan Dane Buckley Phoebe Hitt Show starts at 7.30pm.