Wednesday, 17th February, Arch One

It was an absolute cracker of a night at Arch1 last night with a host of very new acts utterly storming their sets. First up to the mic was the wonderful Dora Flowers. Dora gave the crowd some very useful tips on covering your ass in your internet search history. It was then over to Jack Short and his favourite free cheese and wine afternoon. Praise the Lord! After Jack was Richard Wright, an act from Tunbridge Wells where the kids are named after midrange hatchbacks. It was then over to Zach Marczika who became a vegan because he thought

G&B Online, Monday, September 6th. Via Zoom

Last night was our monthly G&B Online show and I didn’t stop laughing from start to finish. Our MC’s last night were the American duo Button Bob and Licksy Gal, ably assisted by Alastair Sadler. The first act they brought to the G&B cyber stage was the punilicious Kyle Davies who laid out the strict rules of vegan club: rule 1, always talk about vegan club; rule 2 – ironically – no meat. It was then over to Anna George who told us all about her day job studying sad, insecure, pathetic arseholes. AKA white supremacists. Next was the fabulous