Girlpower Night, Star of Kings, July 25th

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez.  What a night we had at Girlpower last night at The Star of Kings! Kicking things off was Jennifer Zheng who says her mom may have kicked her out of her race in Ireland, but here in London she could fall over and land on a white dick. Maeve Boffey says she’s more white Irish than Jen, although her family would disagree: they call her the black sheep (even though she’s the only sheep). Ruth Stone then taught us how to choose the perfect cowpat for a frisbee – right before the raw onion

Tuesday, Star of Kings, June 28th

Write-up done by our guest MC, Barbara Fernandez. We had a packed night of comedy at The Star of Kings yesterday! And the acts were well up for it. Kicking off the night was the wonderful Greg Houston who had us dreaming of the possibilities behind weed donuts. If only! Next was punster Mark Rivlin: cars that fail their MOT? Don’t get him started! It was then over to Theresa Bradstreet who had to make sure none of her 4 ex husbands were in the room…or letterboxes, either! Liz Lohn (Liz Maslakova) shared her favorite Easter egg hunt: laying her own

Wednesday, August 25th, Arch One

It was a fabulously buzzing night at Arch1 last night, great crowd and a cracking line-up. First up was Ren Pereira, a lady for whom 9/11 was a very dark period and a more than memorable homemade airline tampon. It was then over to Danny Walsh who reliably informed us that The Queen couldn’t possibly be a lizard and that it’s just not on to claim you’re the son of God while wearing a Primark tracksuit. After Danny was Liz Maslakova who is doing everything she can to disprove as many Russian stereotypes as possible. Hot on Liz’s heels was