Wednesday, March 9th, Arch One

So it was a packed night at Arch1 last night, with a whole load of new faces both on and off stage and they ended up with a cracking show…both on and off stage. First up was the hilarious Matthew Healy who’s a bit like a learner driver when it comes to sex, he just pushes and turns everything in the hope of something getting turned on. We then had the return of the brilliant Amber Phillips and the problems of getting back out into the world post lockdown and the daily hassle of bras again. It was then over

Wednesday, February 9th, Arch one

I’m always excited when we have a line-up with acts I’ve not seen, especially if they’re new acts. Not knowing what to expect keeps you on your toes as an MC. Well last night’s show at Arch1 had several new faces to G&B and each and every one hit the mark brilliantly. Kicking things off we had Joe O’Donovan, who’s dad had a great way of summarising bedtime stories when Joe was a kid. Goldilocks, for example, came down to ‘don’t fuck with bears!’. After Joe we had Jake O’Brien Murphy, who has a great game to play while in