Wednesday, March 16th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night and kicking things off we had Bond fan Matt Heath, with the first of the evening’s suggestions for what prince Andrew might consider for future employment. The marvellously musical Barbara Fernandez was next. Barbara, as it turns out, sang at her ex-agent’s funeral. At least until security stopped her. It was then over to Ryan Sheehan who has got to a place in life where he really knows himself…and knows he’s utterly fucked. The brilliant Elliott Brown was next with the full range of bakery kinks from bread fucking to loaf sniffing and bagel

Wednesday, 17th February, Arch One

It was an absolute cracker of a night at Arch1 last night with a host of very new acts utterly storming their sets. First up to the mic was the wonderful Dora Flowers. Dora gave the crowd some very useful tips on covering your ass in your internet search history. It was then over to Jack Short and his favourite free cheese and wine afternoon. Praise the Lord! After Jack was Richard Wright, an act from Tunbridge Wells where the kids are named after midrange hatchbacks. It was then over to Zach Marczika who became a vegan because he thought