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Tuesday, September 28th, Star of Kings, Growing Old Disgracefully Show

Tuesday, September 28th, Star of Kings, Growing Old Disgracefully Show

It was G&B’s Growing Old Disgracefully Show at The Star of Kings last night and true to form it was an absolute cracker of a night. Kicking things off with a hilarious take on male grooming products was the brilliant Gary Munchausen, putting the machismo back in hair care. It was then over to Georgia Thorp, a lady who once fancied being an astronaut, despite not being great at maths, but can float really well. Eddie Black was next with his confession that he hates kids can’t be doing with them…and told his daughter’s teachers that much. The utterly puntastic Mark Rivlin was next showing he’s not a big fan of classical music, not even Handel or Chopin. It was then over to Jim Brown who developed some new skills over lockdown: mainly divorce, but he’s turned out to be quite good at it. We then had Almost Marc (aka Krisztian Nagy) who was very nearly Almost Zoltan, a man who says he has aged and matured like a good boxed wine. It was then the turn of Steve Vertigo. Steve, who says he’s half Northern and half giraffe, managed to fit snuggly onto our stage with possibly a centimetre up top to spare. Closing the first half was the legend that is Jimbo. Opening his set with some truly side-splitting slapstick before explaining why he’s seeing COVID as a bit of a blessing in disguise: there’s more chance of a place at good retirement home now they’ve thinned out a bit.

After the break and a little Russian Roulette with some staple guns we had Daniel Morris and just why he’s behind Extinction Rebellion…just so long as they don’t fuck with his commute! After Daniel it was over to Ian Murrill and how to put down a heckler with a withering look before Cecilia Delatori gave us a rock rendition of Whole Lotta Senior Radiographer. After Cecilia we had Stephen Portlock and the philanthropic wing of PornHub, which apparently does some very interesting audio porn for the blind. It was then the turn of

Peri Whyte, who desperately wants to know why zombies have to be so badly attired. I mean, just because you’re dead, you don’t need to stop making an effort. It was then over to Dragos Mostenescu who had the room cheering and singing along to a multination tour of the Beetles Let It Be. This was simply brilliant! Then closing the show we had the fabulous Stevie Bee and a nostalgic trip this audience in particular could get on board with. From why Betamax failed – there was never any good porn – to why boomers had it easy in our formative years – our social commentary got erased by white emulsion every year by school janitors – to why he was glad there was no internet when he was young, which saved him from major wrist injuries, Stevie left us feeling comfortable and grateful to be that wee bit older.

So that was our Growing Old Disgracefully show. Loved every minute of it. The next one is at Arch1 on November 17th. Hopefully see you then