Wednesday, August 3rd, Arch One

It’s been an absolutely amazing week at G&B this week, jam-packed rooms, great acts and buzzing audiences. Well, last night at Arch1 was no different. First to the stage was the hilarious Louie Mclean and the problems of expressing shock or surprise without eyebrows. It was then over to Ben Pollard and a truly hilarious musical number dedicated to all those ‘daddies’ out there. Next was Henry Reilly, who claims to be an absolute karicachoor of an Essex man. It was then over to Ben Smolders and why the cartoons we grow up with dictate how, in later life, we

Tuesday, August 2nd, The Albany,

It was a crazy busy night at The Albany – Great Portland Street last night and they were a wonderfully up for it crowd, too. Fist up was Sam Adamson and bereavement dissing and the power of the US tipper. After Sam was Holly Kasselder, who says she’s aggressively single, especially when it comes to her neighbour…or more specifically his cat. We then had Rhys Thorne and just how disappointed his parents were with his potential, specifically his potential to give them grandchildren. Next we had Ben Smolders who was loving the warmth of the crowd, but more so the

July 31st, New Act Competition

So Sunday at The Star of Kings was G&B’s New Act Competition. Joint second place was Ro Dodgson and Cecily Hitchcock, but the outright winner was the utterly hilarious Kerry Ann Boyko, who won the trophy, the cash and the paid guest spot at the next New Act Competition, which will be at The Albany – Great Portland Street on September 6th. Congratulations Kerry Ann!

Wednesday, July 27th, Arch One

Well, due to the rail strike, we were expecting a quieter night at Arch1 last night. How wrong could we have been. The club was heaving! And what a brilliant audience they were, too. Duffy Connors kicked off the comedy with the confession he’s not great at sex with humans…and claims not to have much experience outside the ‘human’ field. It was then over to Monica Y Hsueh who believes she has the figure of a lamppost: long body, big head. After Monica was Matthew Healy, whom if he ever has kids is going Paleolithic with the names. His son’s

Tuesday, July 26th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Gary Manhine. It was an exciting night at The Star of Kings on Tuesday, what with basement floods and excited uproarious crowds upstairs enjoying England’s Lioness’s in the final of the Euro 2022. Nonetheless, a basement blast ensued as we kicked things off with the brilliant David Ian, who’s been getting dates to come around to his flat, just to force him to clean before they arrived. Next up was the sensational Ben Pollard, who’s been working on a book exploring the behind the scenes truth about the dog-kicking, incontinent, sausage fingered Tory party. All the

Tuesday, July 26th, The Albany

Last night was the last of our busy, double gig Tuesdays till The Star of Kings reopens after its refurb in September and we had a cracker of a show at The Albany. Kicking things off we had James Hutt who is still coming to terms with the fact he has been demoted to understudy James in the family Christmas card. It was then over to Fergus O’Doherty and Cameron’s epic Tit-Tanic before Ros Hale confessed she’s no longer doing birthdays, just leaving do’s for her ovaries. Patrick Nevels was next with his love of the phrase ‘elephant in the

Girlpower Night, Star of Kings, July 25th

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez.  What a night we had at Girlpower last night at The Star of Kings! Kicking things off was Jennifer Zheng who says her mom may have kicked her out of her race in Ireland, but here in London she could fall over and land on a white dick. Maeve Boffey says she’s more white Irish than Jen, although her family would disagree: they call her the black sheep (even though she’s the only sheep). Ruth Stone then taught us how to choose the perfect cowpat for a frisbee – right before the raw onion

Wednesday, July 20th, Arch One

Wednesday nights we’re at Arch1 and it was a thankfully cooler evening. First to the stage was the hilarious Callum Mackenzie and Britain’s most popular food: porage, what would happen if bread died. It was then over to Lizzie Simpson, the boob Macarena and the price of enduring love. Pete Innocente was after Lizzie with the metaphysics of Mum and Dad and just why you never wanna piss off Mum. Keeping with God, it was He who told our next act, Ben O’sullivan, to stop exercising. Well you gotta if God tells you. The fabulous SJ Wyatt was next. There

Tuesday, July 19th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC, Gary Manhine. Last night was the hottest ever-recorded in human history. The beer was at boiling point at The Star of Kings and but the audience melted down the stairs to worship at the alter of air conditioning. Some came for the AC, some for the comedy and it was a scorcher. First up was George Williams, who had been playing Deal or no Deal with his alcohol intake and the consequences therein, including playing drunken MasterChef after a night out resulting in a tasty dish of self-loathing. Next up was the brilliant Callum Mackenzie, who

Tuesday, July 19th, The Albany

So it was a memorably hot evening last night that presented many problems just getting to a venue, but when we all got to The Albany – Great Portland Street, I think it’s fair to say that air con made it all worthwhile. Kicking things off, and in his trademark shorts, was the hilarious Carwyn Blayney. Carwyn hit us with everything from how to catch virginity to the smell of acne and British bulldog veterans. It was then over to James Townsend and a truly fascinating question: how were those big decisions made before we invented rock, paper, scissors? The