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Sunday, December 12th, Star of Kings

13 December 2021 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
As we head closer to Christmas, the party buzz at the club gets livelier with each gig and yesterday’s Sunday show at The Star of Kings was no exception. Kicking things off we had the fabulous Lisa Carroll. Lisa describes herself as the BFG with tits and despite intimidating some men says she’s a fucking kitten! It was then over to Benjamin Bryant who’s had to endure a conversation with someone recently that was so peppered with racist dog whistles it’s a wonder dogs weren’t howling outside. Next was Flora Butter, a lady from a long line of nutritious spreads including her sisters Anchor and Utterly Buttery. It was then over to Phillip Cornwall who wonders if the corporate world might have to include wank breaks as an inducement to get everyone to finally stop working from home. Hot on Phil’s heels was Victoria Barker who only has five more sleeps till Christmas. Insomnia’s a bitch! We then had Joey Abels and the A to B of comic sexual alure before Marc Molnar offered some tips on how to get more action with nothing more than a change in facial recognition. Next was Nativ Gigs, a man who reckons he is the result of a party at the UN where everyone chucked their diplomatic car keys in a bowl. Closing the first half was Duffy Connors, the third barker sister no one talks about (you had to be there). Duffy feels dating for him is a bit like Tetris; it’s harder if you’re a weird shape.
After the break the second half got of to a cracking start with the brilliant Donal Vaughan and why the most effective way to measure a penis is by drowning it. We then had David Ellis and why even desserts can be woke fraught before Barbara Fernandez gave us a rendition of her Christmas song. Jake O’Brien Murphy then took us from drowning dogs in mayonnaise to Piers Morgan’s cell renewal and why it needs to stop. Neuroses (aka Robbie Fox) then let us wondering if Boris Johnson did indeed smell of lube before Connor Yeates let us in on his constant battle to prove he is a person of colour, not a person of interest. Closing the show was the fabulous Cecilia Delatori, graduate of Barkshire’s School of Rock and Slough’s #1 Ozzy Osbourne impersonator. Cecilia, as it turns out, really knows how to accessorise a guitar and amp.
So that was Sunday, and it was cracking fun. Next week is our last Sunday show of 2021 and headlining we have Aimee Cooper and Rick Kiesewetter. See you then.

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