Tuesday, July 26th, The Albany

Last night was the last of our busy, double gig Tuesdays till The Star of Kings reopens after its refurb in September and we had a cracker of a show at The Albany. Kicking things off we had James Hutt who is still coming to terms with the fact he has been demoted to understudy James in the family Christmas card. It was then over to Fergus O’Doherty and Cameron’s epic Tit-Tanic before Ros Hale confessed she’s no longer doing birthdays, just leaving do’s for her ovaries. Patrick Nevels was next with his love of the phrase ‘elephant in the

G&B Tuesdays at The Albany

Headlining at The Albany – Great Portland Street on July 26th we’ve two awesome comics. Closing the first half we have the hilarious Christof Epaminondas and closing the show we’ve the fabulous Samuel Ch Zernig.

Tuesday, July 19th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC, Gary Manhine. Last night was the hottest ever-recorded in human history. The beer was at boiling point at The Star of Kings and but the audience melted down the stairs to worship at the alter of air conditioning. Some came for the AC, some for the comedy and it was a scorcher. First up was George Williams, who had been playing Deal or no Deal with his alcohol intake and the consequences therein, including playing drunken MasterChef after a night out resulting in a tasty dish of self-loathing. Next up was the brilliant Callum Mackenzie, who

Tuesday, July 19th, The Albany

So it was a memorably hot evening last night that presented many problems just getting to a venue, but when we all got to The Albany – Great Portland Street, I think it’s fair to say that air con made it all worthwhile. Kicking things off, and in his trademark shorts, was the hilarious Carwyn Blayney. Carwyn hit us with everything from how to catch virginity to the smell of acne and British bulldog veterans. It was then over to James Townsend and a truly fascinating question: how were those big decisions made before we invented rock, paper, scissors? The

Sunday Cabaret Show, Star of Kings, July 17th

So it was a hot Sunday afternoon that saw us having our G&B Cabaret show and the first thing our audience enjoyed, before the show even started, was just how glorious our air con is in the club. Kicking off the show was the hilarious Tawny Owl (aka Andy Kyte) who gave everyone a little pro tip for your sets: rather than write prompt on your hands, write them on the inside of your eyelids…just not in permanent marker! It was then over to the sex bomb himself, Hot Rod (aka Ruth Stone). Rod comes from a somewhat rural location

Sunday Afternoon, Star of Kings, June 12th

Write-up by Sunday’s MC Barbara Fernandez.  Yesterday was brilliant! Even with the sunny weather, we had comedy fans up for having a laugh in a pub basement – and what fun we had! Starting off the afternoon was Ruth Stone whose 97-year-old grandma still hopes Ruth will become an inventor…of anything! Except maybe a dusty finish. Next was Jack Short who has the perfect solution for teachers whose kids have gone feral: go and make yourself a nice cup of java. Tasha Cluskey gave us lots of laughs – and no, just cause she’s from Essex doesn’t mean she runs

Sunday afternoon, Star of Kings, May 5th

It was a busy Sunday at The Star of Kings yesterday, kicking off with G&B Writers’ Group just after midday. I think it’s fair to say the writers’ group meetings are proving a great success. Yesterdays was a really interesting one and I’m already looking forward to seeing what the acts attending come up with. After the Writers group, of course, we had the show and kicking things off there was the hilarious Emily Cairns and her sexy, sexy accordion. Emily treated us to a song dedicated to her one love, that special love that comes along once in your

Sunday, Star of Kings, May 1st

Show blog by our guest MC Barbara Fernandez Yesterday at The Star of Kings was quite the afternoon! First up was Matthew Healy who cautioned us not to name a baby after the first thing you see: especially if you live in Romford. Next Monica Chatterjee who loves being short enough to call her boyfriends Daddy in the street: when she’s not being baptised in curry, that is. Benedetto Ferretti says that as he’s both Italian and camp, it’s time to stake his claim as a gay mafioso – complete with lots of moving hands. Seam Anderson taught us why