G&B’s LGBTQ Night at The Star of Kings

It was G&B’s LGBTQ+ Night at The Star of Kings last night and it was pretty much the fabulous camp romp we expected. First up was Michael Cumes, aka Michael Cup-slut as he wa called at school. Teachers can be so cruel. It was then over to Nicky Vere-Compton and her ongoin obsession with men in the audience sporting crumbcatchers. After Nicky we had Tine Petersen, the gal even Pablo Escobar would think should keeo away from drugs.It was then over to Rhyan Orrick, who loves a bit of whale meat in the morning before a busy day’s dictating. SJ

Tuesday, Star of Kings, May 7th

Tuesday night at The Star of Kings started off a little quieter than we’ve come to expect, but the audience got going soon enough and ended up a really fun crowd. First up was Danny Niceone and some tough life questions, like when did tea become code for anal? It was then over to Ella Bloom and how as a child she spoiled her mum’s good looks. It’s ok, though, because Ella has that temper under control now. Next was Nicky Vere-Compton (who is quite definitely the keyboard to beat if you want to grab any cancellation spots), who’s not

Sunday, May 15th, Star of Kings

We had another great Sunday at The Star of Kings this evening. Kicking things off we had Callum Mackenzie whose favourite British drinking game is Me vs My Organs. Next was Andy Kyte and everything from Gandhi to stylish millinery and mobile cheese. What’s not to love. It was then over to Candace Bryan who left the US because of its guns and racism for the Uk and its free health care and its slightly less racism. After Candace we had Tom Vousden, a recovering incel who loves some Earl Grey and a bit of quiet shade…so a bit of

Arch One, March 30th

It was another packed house at Arch1 last night with a great crowd that was so wonderfully up for laughs. And they got that a plenty. First up was Joey Abels and why giving someone a number 2 all over is fine if you’re a barber, but just nasty if you’re a fecalfeliac. We then had the musical musings of Barbara Fernandez, a lady you don’t want to piss off or she’ll sing at your funeral…like it or not! After Barbara was Matthew Healy a man with the bowels of the noble kariboo, who’ll search far and wide for the

Wednesday, March 23rd, Arch One

What an incredible night of comedy we had at Arch1 last night, a packed, capacity room with a cracking line-up. An easier job as an MC would be hard pressed to find. Kicking things off we had the utterly puntastic Chris Roaf. Chris explained the difference between moths and goths: one is attracted to the light, the other is attracted to…well, eyeliner. Hugo Hayes was after Chris with news that you can now buy reasonably priced, public school boys. It’s a brave new world we live in. Hot on Hugo’s heels was Louise Barron, who reckons being sexually liberated where

Tuesday, March 15th, Star of Kings

It was Rohan Sharma who kicked off the show Tuesday night at The Star of Kings. Rohan confessed that when he was a kid he couldn’t wait to turn 16 and to exercise that extra purchase power to buy a second paracetamol. It was then over to Ajay Rose and his relationship with his therapist, which can only be described as competitive. We then had Amber Phillips, who ruined supermarket bread for all of us, before Jack Charles gave us a musical lament to the very bakers Amber maligned. It was then over to Tree Bradstreet who has decided to