G&B’s Dark Delights, a celebration of the darker side of comedy

  February 22nd at The Star of Kings sees another of G&B’s Dark Delight Shows, an evening celebrating the darker side of comedy. Definitely an evening not for those who are easily offended or who love to take offence on behalf of someone their neighbour’s sister once met on holiday. Headlining we’ve the gloriously reprehensible Anthony Gilét and the deliciously deviant Declan Kennedy and the rest of the basket of deplorables will be: Hannah O’Donnell Ben Henley Tom Cousins Stephen Portlock Theresa Bradstreet Gareth Edward Jacob Hatton Craig Craw Essam Aljaedy Billy Kerr Mark Vincent Jakob Tanner Joe Davies Jaz Mattu

Wednesday, February 9th, Arch one

I’m always excited when we have a line-up with acts I’ve not seen, especially if they’re new acts. Not knowing what to expect keeps you on your toes as an MC. Well last night’s show at Arch1 had several new faces to G&B and each and every one hit the mark brilliantly. Kicking things off we had Joe O’Donovan, who’s dad had a great way of summarising bedtime stories when Joe was a kid. Goldilocks, for example, came down to ‘don’t fuck with bears!’. After Joe we had Jake O’Brien Murphy, who has a great game to play while in

Tuesday, February 8th, Star of Kings, Music & Character Comedy Night

Last night at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Music & Character Comedy Night. Now these have to be one of my absolute favourite shows. What I love most about these is spotting the audience members who’ve never been to one before, and their ever-building look of WFT! Throughout the evening. And that’s the sheer joy of them, an evening that is a strap yourself in and go with the vibe that never fails to bring the goods…the goods being a comedy rollercoaster ride to crazy town. You just have to come see one of these nights and you’ll be