Girlpower Night, June 27th, Star of Kings

Write-up by our Girlpower MC, Barbara Fernandez. What a night we had at GirlPower yesterday! Everyone was on cracking form for a steaming night of female/nonbinary fun Dora Flowers almost brought the house down right at the start with her adventures with Oddbox veggies: surely one will fit in her odd box? Next was the deliciously dark Ella Bloom, who loves her makeup, even though – like her uncle – it’s unsuitable for children. Then we had the not-a-sh*t-Essex-girl Amber Phillips: her proof is in her GCSEs and #originaleyebrows. Shruti Sharma then shared why some women may be seen driving

Monday, Star of Kings, June 20th

It was a really fun night at The Star of Kings last night with a wonderfully buzzing audience and non-stop quality comedy. First to the mic was Connor Yeates who has a rather fab way to guage a room’s white guilt. Jack Short, who stepped in to fill a no-show spot, confessed to having lost 3 stone. Apparently he was getting fed up with abuse about his weight…when he visited his parents! Moss then gave the audience a birthday card so we all remembered we’re gonna die before David Ian told us he often gets a Grindr hook up just

G&B’s 8th Birthday at The Star of Kings

So it was G&B’s 8th Birthday! last night and what a truly awesome show it turned out to be. I couldn’t have been happier with everything from the turnout to the line-up. Nights like this one make everything so worthwhile. I even had a tear in my eye at several points during the night…which hasn’t happened since the 80’s! Kicking off the night was a familiar face to everyone who gigged at The Royal George last year, the simply hilarious Steven Mayne. Steven popped the night’s cork with a simply beautiful intro that would have had me blushing if I

Girlpower, Sunday, September 5th, Star of Kings

So yesterday was the first of our early Sunday shows at The Star of Kings. G&B has been planning for a few years now to do an early show on a Sunday and knew it depended on getting the right venue and the right timeslot to make it work. To be honest, we were never entirely sure this would work but had wanted to try and see if we could make it work. Well as soon as we started booking for our Sunday shows the spots got snapped up fast and if yesterday’s packed room was anything to go by