Wednesday, July 27th, Arch One

Well, due to the rail strike, we were expecting a quieter night at Arch1 last night. How wrong could we have been. The club was heaving! And what a brilliant audience they were, too. Duffy Connors kicked off the comedy with the confession he’s not great at sex with humans…and claims not to have much experience outside the ‘human’ field. It was then over to Monica Y Hsueh who believes she has the figure of a lamppost: long body, big head. After Monica was Matthew Healy, whom if he ever has kids is going Paleolithic with the names. His son’s

Wednesday, July 20th, Arch One

Wednesday nights we’re at Arch1 and it was a thankfully cooler evening. First to the stage was the hilarious Callum Mackenzie and Britain’s most popular food: porage, what would happen if bread died. It was then over to Lizzie Simpson, the boob Macarena and the price of enduring love. Pete Innocente was after Lizzie with the metaphysics of Mum and Dad and just why you never wanna piss off Mum. Keeping with God, it was He who told our next act, Ben O’sullivan, to stop exercising. Well you gotta if God tells you. The fabulous SJ Wyatt was next. There

Girlpower Night, June 27th, Star of Kings

Write-up by our Girlpower MC, Barbara Fernandez. What a night we had at GirlPower yesterday! Everyone was on cracking form for a steaming night of female/nonbinary fun Dora Flowers almost brought the house down right at the start with her adventures with Oddbox veggies: surely one will fit in her odd box? Next was the deliciously dark Ella Bloom, who loves her makeup, even though – like her uncle – it’s unsuitable for children. Then we had the not-a-sh*t-Essex-girl Amber Phillips: her proof is in her GCSEs and #originaleyebrows. Shruti Sharma then shared why some women may be seen driving

Monday, Star of Kings, June 20th

It was a really fun night at The Star of Kings last night with a wonderfully buzzing audience and non-stop quality comedy. First to the mic was Connor Yeates who has a rather fab way to guage a room’s white guilt. Jack Short, who stepped in to fill a no-show spot, confessed to having lost 3 stone. Apparently he was getting fed up with abuse about his weight…when he visited his parents! Moss then gave the audience a birthday card so we all remembered we’re gonna die before David Ian told us he often gets a Grindr hook up just

Sunday, March 20th, Star of Kings

Sunday at The Star of Kings kicked off with the mellifluous marvel that is Barbara Fernandez, whose top half is very American and her lower echelons decidedly Parisienne. It was then over to Donal Vaughan, a man who proudly proclaims he is an anti-vegan: he can’t eat anything that hasn’t suffered to get to his plate. Next was Cedric Aubert and The Action Man gay nightclub set that came complete with tiny bottles of poppers and leather chaps. After Cedric was Geet Chawla, whose parents were a bit like the EU in as much as they weren’t happy with the

Sunday, March 13th, Star of Kings

Sunday afternoon at The Star of Kings with Jake O’Brien Murphy, a man so committed to his comedy he came to the club straight from a colonoscopy, which by the sounds of it was done by Dyno-Rod. We then had a memorable set from Christof Epaminondas. Unfortunately, it was Christof’s cousin, Gabriel, that we’ll all be remembering. Duffy Connors was after Christof with some tips on what to do if your ferry is delayed. Next was Dora Flowers and why you should always swat up on your molecular biology before a first date. It was then over to Joey Abels

Wednesday, March 3rd, Arch One

I’ve said it several times since lockdown ended, the standard of comedy coming from the new acts arriving on the circuit is seriously impressive. Maybe it was 18 months watching Netflix comedy specials or studying their comedy idols, but whatever it is, the G&B audiences are loving it. Opening the show last night we had Tom Cousins, who might be a serial killer in waiting…if his mattress’s damp crop circles are anything to go by. It was then over to Joey Abels and why sublime is no compliment if you’re a lemon. The utter legend that is Jimbo was after