Wednesday, July 13th, Arch One

Over the years at G&B, we’ve got used to the Arch1 phenomenon, but it’s always great to see new acts experience it. If you’ve been to Arch One you’ll already know it’s quite a unique venue anyway, but every now and then something happens there that has everyone, regardless of how many gigs they’ve done, one after the other, up there game, resulting in a night that has everyone leaving absolutely buzzed. Well, last night was one such gig. The night kicked off thanks to Sam Adamson, a kids’ entertainer who knows what the world’s biggest animal is as well

Wednesday, June 29th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night for our usual Wednesday show and kicking things off we had Rover Tumnus (aka Ben Henley) the UK’s only working comedy dog. Rover seemed to be having a good time on stage, if the wagging tail was anything to go by. It was then over to Callum Mackenzie who comes from a place where swollen prostates and telegrams from The Queen are commonplace. After Callum was Zach Marczika who had us wondering whether the reason batman never leaves Gotham was because Bruce Wayne had an asbo and ankle tag. Matthew Healy was next with

Wednesday, February 23rd, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night and what a cracking show it turned out to be. Getting the crowd off to a brilliant start was the hilarious Sam Adamson with sex toys, playground oddities and inflatable siblings. It was then over to Duffy Connors and a few tips on how to make those ferry journeys fly by before Tino Giaccotto told us he’d moved here to learn English, but after two years working in a restaurant, he’s now fluent in Spanish and Polish, but no better with English. After Tino was Phillip Cornwall, escaping from the corporate world one reclaimed

Wednesday, February 9th, Arch one

I’m always excited when we have a line-up with acts I’ve not seen, especially if they’re new acts. Not knowing what to expect keeps you on your toes as an MC. Well last night’s show at Arch1 had several new faces to G&B and each and every one hit the mark brilliantly. Kicking things off we had Joe O’Donovan, who’s dad had a great way of summarising bedtime stories when Joe was a kid. Goldilocks, for example, came down to ‘don’t fuck with bears!’. After Joe we had Jake O’Brien Murphy, who has a great game to play while in

Wednesday, December 8th, Arch One

Last night we were at Arch1 and had a cracker of a line-up in store for the crowd. First up was Shahbaaz who offered a theory as to why Christians like to hold on to their traditions: chocolate eggs at Easter, pressies and food at Christmas as opposed to praying five times a day and starving yourself for a month every year. It’s a tough sell. We then had Lisa Carroll and the pain and suffering caused when Facebook and Instagram went down and she was unable to share news of the gorgeous man she’d met. Her pain was real,