Sunday Afternoon, Star of Kings, June 12th

Write-up by Sunday’s MC Barbara Fernandez.  Yesterday was brilliant! Even with the sunny weather, we had comedy fans up for having a laugh in a pub basement – and what fun we had! Starting off the afternoon was Ruth Stone whose 97-year-old grandma still hopes Ruth will become an inventor…of anything! Except maybe a dusty finish. Next was Jack Short who has the perfect solution for teachers whose kids have gone feral: go and make yourself a nice cup of java. Tasha Cluskey gave us lots of laughs – and no, just cause she’s from Essex doesn’t mean she runs

Sunday afternoon, Star of Kings, May 5th

It was a busy Sunday at The Star of Kings yesterday, kicking off with G&B Writers’ Group just after midday. I think it’s fair to say the writers’ group meetings are proving a great success. Yesterdays was a really interesting one and I’m already looking forward to seeing what the acts attending come up with. After the Writers group, of course, we had the show and kicking things off there was the hilarious Emily Cairns and her sexy, sexy accordion. Emily treated us to a song dedicated to her one love, that special love that comes along once in your

Sunday, May 15th, Star of Kings

We had another great Sunday at The Star of Kings this evening. Kicking things off we had Callum Mackenzie whose favourite British drinking game is Me vs My Organs. Next was Andy Kyte and everything from Gandhi to stylish millinery and mobile cheese. What’s not to love. It was then over to Candace Bryan who left the US because of its guns and racism for the Uk and its free health care and its slightly less racism. After Candace we had Tom Vousden, a recovering incel who loves some Earl Grey and a bit of quiet shade…so a bit of

Sunday, May 8th, Star of Kings

Yesterday’s G&B started at 1pm with a meeting of our writers’ group, which rather than sit downstairs in the club took up residence outside in the glorious sunshine. From the occasions where I dipped in now and then, they seemed to be getting some great work done. Now with the sun making an afternoon in a dark club less of a fun prospect, I wasn’t sure how busy we’d be. Well, we were absolutely packed and had a cracker of a show. First to the mic was the hilarious Joe O’Donovan who more than anything wants to be as famous

Sunday, January 30th, Star of Kings

When we first started our Sunday afternoon shows I wasn’t sure how they’d be received. Would people really want to spend their Sunday afternoons in a dark, windowless comedy club? It seems the answer to that question was a resounding yes, as our Sunday afternoon shows have gone from strength to strength and are always packed with a great crowd. Yesterday was no exception. Kicking things off with a cracking set was Greg Houston who had us all wonder why barbers serve coffee and why he hates Djokovic so much. It was then over to Gary Manhine, a man desperately

November 7th, Sunday at The Star of Kings

So I’ve no write-up for yesterday’s show at The Star of Kings as I was technically audience yesterday because I’d handed the show in its entirety over to Ryan Cross to do his first full show MC job. Also popping his cherry was Jimmy Grimble who was doing his first G&B headline spot and I think it’s fair to say they both utterly smashed it. As far as first MC spots go, I’m sure today Ryan is thanking the comedy gods for giving him an absolute gift of a line-up for his first MC job. You’ll be seeing more of

Tuesday, September 7th, Star of Kings

So last night at The Star of Kings I had to rush home very quickly before the show started, which meant either starting late or making a field promotion and having someone MC the first half of the show. Well, we’re going to be seeing more of Ryan Cross in the MC role after last night I suspect. He did a cracking job at seriously short notice. So big it up for MC Ryan! Unfortunately, I missed the first act, Lee VG, so just take my word for it when I say I always make sure the first act is