Sunday, July 10th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez  What a zany afternoon we had at The Star of Kings yesterday! At one point my sides hurt(!) Callum Mackenzie got us off to a roaring start – if Americans can shave ‘Freedom’ onto the back of a dog, why don’t Brits proclaim ‘Cut me, I bleed baked beans!’ Next was Holly Kasselder who asks: has anyone else ever been met with the tempting proposition of being milked in a field? Continuing with the dairy theme was Flora Barker who’s sister Utterly Butterly is facing an identity crisis: she may not be dairy, but

Tuesday, Star of Kings, June 28th

Write-up done by our guest MC, Barbara Fernandez. We had a packed night of comedy at The Star of Kings yesterday! And the acts were well up for it. Kicking off the night was the wonderful Greg Houston who had us dreaming of the possibilities behind weed donuts. If only! Next was punster Mark Rivlin: cars that fail their MOT? Don’t get him started! It was then over to Theresa Bradstreet who had to make sure none of her 4 ex husbands were in the room…or letterboxes, either! Liz Lohn (Liz Maslakova) shared her favorite Easter egg hunt: laying her own

Tuesday, September 7th, Star of Kings

So last night at The Star of Kings I had to rush home very quickly before the show started, which meant either starting late or making a field promotion and having someone MC the first half of the show. Well, we’re going to be seeing more of Ryan Cross in the MC role after last night I suspect. He did a cracking job at seriously short notice. So big it up for MC Ryan! Unfortunately, I missed the first act, Lee VG, so just take my word for it when I say I always make sure the first act is