Tuesday, July 19th, The Albany

So it was a memorably hot evening last night that presented many problems just getting to a venue, but when we all got to The Albany – Great Portland Street, I think it’s fair to say that air con made it all worthwhile. Kicking things off, and in his trademark shorts, was the hilarious Carwyn Blayney. Carwyn hit us with everything from how to catch virginity to the smell of acne and British bulldog veterans. It was then over to James Townsend and a truly fascinating question: how were those big decisions made before we invented rock, paper, scissors? The

Sunday June 26th, Music & Character Comedy Show, Star of Kings

Sunday afternoon at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Music & Character Comedy Show. These are always a ton of fun and yesterday’s was no exception. Kicking things off we had the wonderful Richard Woolford, who loves nothing more than a bit of knee action. It was then over to Sue the Cleaner (aka Liam Harney). Su’s started dating again, not so much for the sex, though, just to keep ahead of inflation. We then had the musical fabulousness of Cecilia Delatori and a Rolling Stones tribute to Southern Rail. Moss (aka James Watkins) was next with tales from the

Tuesday, Star of Kings, June 14th

We had and absolutely elecric night at The Star of Kings last night, one of those gigs where your sides hurt by the end of it. A large part of why it all got off to such a great start was due to our guest MC, Gary Manhine, and our opening act, the hilarious Anthony Jeannot. Gary was doing the evening’s first half and had the room whipped into a funnied frenzy before bringing on his first act. Anthony then confessed he’s the kind of guy who wants to be invited to everything, but largely wants to go to nothing.

Tuesday, May 17th, Star of Kings

It was a buzzing room at The Star of Kings last night with a great line-up to keep the crowd satisfied. First up was Dave Mullen who used to get insecure about stuff, stuff that seemed to come via the rule of five. Ren Pereira was after Dave with what horrifies her most. Is it global warming, the prospect of war? No. Piers Morgan gettin his own TV series again! It was then over to Mark Vincent who is proud of his real man’s prostate before Kym Nelson made us all realise there are some things you just shouldn’t know…like

G&B’s 8th Birthday at The Star of Kings

So it was G&B’s 8th Birthday! last night and what a truly awesome show it turned out to be. I couldn’t have been happier with everything from the turnout to the line-up. Nights like this one make everything so worthwhile. I even had a tear in my eye at several points during the night…which hasn’t happened since the 80’s! Kicking off the night was a familiar face to everyone who gigged at The Royal George last year, the simply hilarious Steven Mayne. Steven popped the night’s cork with a simply beautiful intro that would have had me blushing if I

Wednesday, February 2nd, Arch One

There was a buzz in the air at Arch1 last night that told you right from the off this one was going to be fun show. First up was everyone’s favourite super-ginge, Sam Adamson. Over the years Sam has suffered from the occasional nightmare where he finds himself in the shower looking all the part – or lack thereof – of Barbie’s Ken. It was then over to the fabulous Lily Webb, who once had a faux crush on Liam Payne…for the tats. Talking of crushes, our next act, Matt Lowes, explained, via apple metaphor, just how his sexual attractions

Tuesday, November 30th, Star of Kings

We were at The Star of Kings last night and the show kicked off with some laughs from Jim Brown and some of the little things he tried during lockdown. Divorce was his least favourite. It was then over to the brilliant Holly Kasselder. Holly describes herself as one of life’s ‘medium’ type people, but our audience definitely thought she was one of life’s fabulous people! We then had Jamie Skepper, who comes from a long line of torch bearers and tightwads. Marc Molnar was next with why he would get paranoid and check if he’d crapped himself any time