Girlpower Night, Star of Kings, July 25th

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez.  What a night we had at Girlpower last night at The Star of Kings! Kicking things off was Jennifer Zheng who says her mom may have kicked her out of her race in Ireland, but here in London she could fall over and land on a white dick. Maeve Boffey says she’s more white Irish than Jen, although her family would disagree: they call her the black sheep (even though she’s the only sheep). Ruth Stone then taught us how to choose the perfect cowpat for a frisbee – right before the raw onion

Monday July 18th, Star of Kings

It was a gloriously cool and chilled room at The Star of Kings last night as we worshipped at the altar of air con. First to the stage was Zach Marczika and the things he misses about Florida, which isn’t the mosquitoes or the meth labs. It was then over to Jack Short who lost 3 stone recently. The audience cheered, which was appallingly body fascist so Jack put them in their place. The fabulous Jennifer Zheng was next. Jen’s mum sent her to Chinese school for 15 years, which left Jen with enough knowledge to realise she was a

Sunday Cabaret Show, Star of Kings, July 17th

So it was a hot Sunday afternoon that saw us having our G&B Cabaret show and the first thing our audience enjoyed, before the show even started, was just how glorious our air con is in the club. Kicking off the show was the hilarious Tawny Owl (aka Andy Kyte) who gave everyone a little pro tip for your sets: rather than write prompt on your hands, write them on the inside of your eyelids…just not in permanent marker! It was then over to the sex bomb himself, Hot Rod (aka Ruth Stone). Rod comes from a somewhat rural location

Tuesday, July 12th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez  Another brilliant (and a bit bonkers) night at The Star of Kings! Rosemary Gomes got us off to a great start – now we know why ducks cross the road: they’re in an argument over Row vs Wade. Steve Tillo then gave us the solution to stop people walking while speaking into their phones sideways – a bit of Adele should do it. Speaking of phones, Alex Howard says you know when you’ve had a rough night when your phone doesn’t recognise your face! Now there’s a conundrum. Next was Craig Butler who had

Monday, July 11th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez  Something’s in the air, cause it was another wild night at The Star of Kings yesterday! Opening the show was none other than G&B favourite Donal Vaughan – who may look like he’s lost a scout, but he knows exactly where the anti-vaxxers are: in heaven. Tim Biglowe says mushroom gathering may not be appropriate for a first date, but the purple mood ring in Wetherspoon’s said otherwise! Next was Charlie Evans who says if there’s a God, he’s clearly angry: we made Jeremy Corbyn famous, so maybe we deserve some heavenly brimstone. Continuing

Sunday, July 10th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez  What a zany afternoon we had at The Star of Kings yesterday! At one point my sides hurt(!) Callum Mackenzie got us off to a roaring start – if Americans can shave ‘Freedom’ onto the back of a dog, why don’t Brits proclaim ‘Cut me, I bleed baked beans!’ Next was Holly Kasselder who asks: has anyone else ever been met with the tempting proposition of being milked in a field? Continuing with the dairy theme was Flora Barker who’s sister Utterly Butterly is facing an identity crisis: she may not be dairy, but

Wednesday, July 6th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night and it was a really fun show that kicked off with a bang thanks to Rosemary Gomes whom as a psychologist has just landed her first celebrity client. Keep it to yourself, but Colin the caterpillar is a bit high maintenance. Next was Tino Giaccotto who’s been having a bit of a tough time recently after his now ex walked out, out on him. The mellifluous Barbara Fernandez was after Tino with the breaking news that her hymen has grown back with the added strength of a trampoline: it now sends dick spiralling into

Tuesday, July 5th, The Albany

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez Last night was a blast at The Albany – Great Portland Street! It felt like a family party, only way funnier and with everyone having fun The night began with George Williams whose liver drives a hard bargain to keep him out of trouble. Then Monica Y Hsueh cautioned us to be careful when signing on the dotted line: you may be getting a marriage instead of a parcel! Louis Brady praised the government for their support of Ukraine – their votes in Eurovision really made a difference. Aidan Morris says guess what? Apparently

Wednesday, June 29th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night for our usual Wednesday show and kicking things off we had Rover Tumnus (aka Ben Henley) the UK’s only working comedy dog. Rover seemed to be having a good time on stage, if the wagging tail was anything to go by. It was then over to Callum Mackenzie who comes from a place where swollen prostates and telegrams from The Queen are commonplace. After Callum was Zach Marczika who had us wondering whether the reason batman never leaves Gotham was because Bruce Wayne had an asbo and ankle tag. Matthew Healy was next with