Sunday Afternoon, Star of Kings, June 12th

Write-up by Sunday’s MC Barbara Fernandez.  Yesterday was brilliant! Even with the sunny weather, we had comedy fans up for having a laugh in a pub basement – and what fun we had! Starting off the afternoon was Ruth Stone whose 97-year-old grandma still hopes Ruth will become an inventor…of anything! Except maybe a dusty finish. Next was Jack Short who has the perfect solution for teachers whose kids have gone feral: go and make yourself a nice cup of java. Tasha Cluskey gave us lots of laughs – and no, just cause she’s from Essex doesn’t mean she runs

Thursday, November 25th, Royal George

It was another capacity room at Royal George Charing Cross Road last night and they were a wonderfully up for it crowd, too. It was a perfect room to make your MC debut and that’s exactly what Steven Mayne got. As far as first MC spots go, Steven nailed it. The first act of the night Steven brought to the stage was the hilarious Tom Gaskin with just why crabs might enjoy a cocktail umbrella. After Tom we had Sadie Clark. Sadie’s observed that the straight, white men in her life seem to spend half their time apologising for their