Wednesday, July 27th, Arch One

Well, due to the rail strike, we were expecting a quieter night at Arch1 last night. How wrong could we have been. The club was heaving! And what a brilliant audience they were, too. Duffy Connors kicked off the comedy with the confession he’s not great at sex with humans…and claims not to have much experience outside the ‘human’ field. It was then over to Monica Y Hsueh who believes she has the figure of a lamppost: long body, big head. After Monica was Matthew Healy, whom if he ever has kids is going Paleolithic with the names. His son’s

Wednesday, July 6th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night and it was a really fun show that kicked off with a bang thanks to Rosemary Gomes whom as a psychologist has just landed her first celebrity client. Keep it to yourself, but Colin the caterpillar is a bit high maintenance. Next was Tino Giaccotto who’s been having a bit of a tough time recently after his now ex walked out, out on him. The mellifluous Barbara Fernandez was after Tino with the breaking news that her hymen has grown back with the added strength of a trampoline: it now sends dick spiralling into

Monday, Star of Kings, June 20th

It was a really fun night at The Star of Kings last night with a wonderfully buzzing audience and non-stop quality comedy. First to the mic was Connor Yeates who has a rather fab way to guage a room’s white guilt. Jack Short, who stepped in to fill a no-show spot, confessed to having lost 3 stone. Apparently he was getting fed up with abuse about his weight…when he visited his parents! Moss then gave the audience a birthday card so we all remembered we’re gonna die before David Ian told us he often gets a Grindr hook up just

Sunday afternoon, Star of Kings, May 5th

It was a busy Sunday at The Star of Kings yesterday, kicking off with G&B Writers’ Group just after midday. I think it’s fair to say the writers’ group meetings are proving a great success. Yesterdays was a really interesting one and I’m already looking forward to seeing what the acts attending come up with. After the Writers group, of course, we had the show and kicking things off there was the hilarious Emily Cairns and her sexy, sexy accordion. Emily treated us to a song dedicated to her one love, that special love that comes along once in your

Wednesday, Arch One, June 1st

What a night at Arch1 Live Music Venue / Club / Bar yesterday! Acts and audience made this one a night to remember. Starting off in style was Michael Cumes, otherwise known as the man who had a pebble-dashed treehouse and is never more than 5 feet away from a tote bag. Mark Vincent then shared the joys of having a certain body part featured as an ornamental water feature, followed by Gemma Louisianna who declares herself to be a compulsive shopper: just like Elon Musk who, in Gemma’s words, should really be concentrating on the next Pokemon Go inspired

Sunday, May 8th, Star of Kings

Yesterday’s G&B started at 1pm with a meeting of our writers’ group, which rather than sit downstairs in the club took up residence outside in the glorious sunshine. From the occasions where I dipped in now and then, they seemed to be getting some great work done. Now with the sun making an afternoon in a dark club less of a fun prospect, I wasn’t sure how busy we’d be. Well, we were absolutely packed and had a cracker of a show. First to the mic was the hilarious Joe O’Donovan who more than anything wants to be as famous

G&B’s Dark Delights at Arch One, April 27th

So Wednesday night at Arch1 was G&B’s Dark Delights show, our dark comedy night. I love these gigs so much and last night’s basket of deplorables were just plain brilliant. Kicking things off we had Mike Strogi, who gave the show an explosive start as well as some tips on the right airline to book if you want to fly straight to the office. It ws then over to Tom Cousins and a little nostalgia for the greats of 70’s TV before Connor Yeates explained just why Gordon Ramsey’s advice that you should always eat what you make might have

Arch One, March 30th

It was another packed house at Arch1 last night with a great crowd that was so wonderfully up for laughs. And they got that a plenty. First up was Joey Abels and why giving someone a number 2 all over is fine if you’re a barber, but just nasty if you’re a fecalfeliac. We then had the musical musings of Barbara Fernandez, a lady you don’t want to piss off or she’ll sing at your funeral…like it or not! After Barbara was Matthew Healy a man with the bowels of the noble kariboo, who’ll search far and wide for the

G&B’s 8th Birthday at The Star of Kings

So it was G&B’s 8th Birthday! last night and what a truly awesome show it turned out to be. I couldn’t have been happier with everything from the turnout to the line-up. Nights like this one make everything so worthwhile. I even had a tear in my eye at several points during the night…which hasn’t happened since the 80’s! Kicking off the night was a familiar face to everyone who gigged at The Royal George last year, the simply hilarious Steven Mayne. Steven popped the night’s cork with a simply beautiful intro that would have had me blushing if I

Wednesday, March 3rd, Arch One

I’ve said it several times since lockdown ended, the standard of comedy coming from the new acts arriving on the circuit is seriously impressive. Maybe it was 18 months watching Netflix comedy specials or studying their comedy idols, but whatever it is, the G&B audiences are loving it. Opening the show last night we had Tom Cousins, who might be a serial killer in waiting…if his mattress’s damp crop circles are anything to go by. It was then over to Joey Abels and why sublime is no compliment if you’re a lemon. The utter legend that is Jimbo was after