Tuesday, July 26th, Star of Kings

Write-up by guest MC Gary Manhine. It was an exciting night at The Star of Kings on Tuesday, what with basement floods and excited uproarious crowds upstairs enjoying England’s Lioness’s in the final of the Euro 2022. Nonetheless, a basement blast ensued as we kicked things off with the brilliant David Ian, who’s been getting dates to come around to his flat, just to force him to clean before they arrived. Next up was the sensational Ben Pollard, who’s been working on a book exploring the behind the scenes truth about the dog-kicking, incontinent, sausage fingered Tory party. All the

Monday, Star of Kings, May 16th

Last night at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Growing Old Disgracefully Show, the night where acts who are still haunted by the whine of dial-up get to get up on stage and not see blank faces when they use terms like ‘mix-tape’. First to the stage, and getting things off to a cracking start, was Mark Vincent and his swollen prostate. It was then over to He who cannot be named’s understudy, Nicky Vere-Compton…and Nagini! After HWCBN was the puntastic Mark Rivlin who is opening a chip shop in Bahrain called Sultan Vinegar. It was then over to Rabiah

Tuesday, September 28th, Star of Kings, Growing Old Disgracefully Show

It was G&B’s Growing Old Disgracefully Show at The Star of Kings last night and true to form it was an absolute cracker of a night. Kicking things off with a hilarious take on male grooming products was the brilliant Gary Munchausen, putting the machismo back in hair care. It was then over to Georgia Thorp, a lady who once fancied being an astronaut, despite not being great at maths, but can float really well. Eddie Black was next with his confession that he hates kids can’t be doing with them…and told his daughter’s teachers that much. The utterly puntastic