Girlpower Night, June 27th, Star of Kings

Write-up by our Girlpower MC, Barbara Fernandez. What a night we had at GirlPower yesterday! Everyone was on cracking form for a steaming night of female/nonbinary fun Dora Flowers almost brought the house down right at the start with her adventures with Oddbox veggies: surely one will fit in her odd box? Next was the deliciously dark Ella Bloom, who loves her makeup, even though – like her uncle – it’s unsuitable for children. Then we had the not-a-sh*t-Essex-girl Amber Phillips: her proof is in her GCSEs and #originaleyebrows. Shruti Sharma then shared why some women may be seen driving

Wednesday, Arch One, May 8th

Well the last few weks at Arch1 have been simply brilliant nights that remind you why you do comedy and last night’s show was just that. We have a great line-up with some wonderful new acts and a cracking audience who were fabulously up for it. Opening the show we had the hilarious Amber Phillips and the Poundland Derren Brown that is the magic of the Essex father. It was then the turn of Anthony Jeannot who is struggling with the realisation that he’s young enough if he were to die it’d be tragic, but overweight enough that it wouldn’t

Wednesday, May 4th, Arch One

We were ar Arch One last night and what a brilliant night it turned out to be with everyone brining A game sets. There’s something special about Arch One, something that brings the best out in both acts and audiences. First to the stage last night was the hilarious Sam Adamson and how a confident hand shake is no substitute for a bedtime story. The Tim Biglowe was next. I know, we got Tim Biglowe off the telly to come to G&B! I have to pinch myself sometimes. Now it must have been tough to follow such a big name

Sunday, March 20th, Star of Kings

Sunday at The Star of Kings kicked off with the mellifluous marvel that is Barbara Fernandez, whose top half is very American and her lower echelons decidedly Parisienne. It was then over to Donal Vaughan, a man who proudly proclaims he is an anti-vegan: he can’t eat anything that hasn’t suffered to get to his plate. Next was Cedric Aubert and The Action Man gay nightclub set that came complete with tiny bottles of poppers and leather chaps. After Cedric was Geet Chawla, whose parents were a bit like the EU in as much as they weren’t happy with the

Tuesday, March 15th, Star of Kings

It was Rohan Sharma who kicked off the show Tuesday night at The Star of Kings. Rohan confessed that when he was a kid he couldn’t wait to turn 16 and to exercise that extra purchase power to buy a second paracetamol. It was then over to Ajay Rose and his relationship with his therapist, which can only be described as competitive. We then had Amber Phillips, who ruined supermarket bread for all of us, before Jack Charles gave us a musical lament to the very bakers Amber maligned. It was then over to Tree Bradstreet who has decided to

Wednesday, March 9th, Arch One

So it was a packed night at Arch1 last night, with a whole load of new faces both on and off stage and they ended up with a cracking show…both on and off stage. First up was the hilarious Matthew Healy who’s a bit like a learner driver when it comes to sex, he just pushes and turns everything in the hope of something getting turned on. We then had the return of the brilliant Amber Phillips and the problems of getting back out into the world post lockdown and the daily hassle of bras again. It was then over

G&B Online, Monday, September 6th. Via Zoom

Last night was our monthly G&B Online show and I didn’t stop laughing from start to finish. Our MC’s last night were the American duo Button Bob and Licksy Gal, ably assisted by Alastair Sadler. The first act they brought to the G&B cyber stage was the punilicious Kyle Davies who laid out the strict rules of vegan club: rule 1, always talk about vegan club; rule 2 – ironically – no meat. It was then over to Anna George who told us all about her day job studying sad, insecure, pathetic arseholes. AKA white supremacists. Next was the fabulous