G&B’s Pride Show, July 5th, Star of Kings

Tuesday at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Pride Show an evening of camped up fabulousness to put to bed June’s Pride Month. Kicking things off with a mellifluous spectacular was the hilarious Ben Pollard, who had us begging for it harder and faster. It was then over to Rhys Thorne, who was on awesome form after a weekend at Heaven being pimped out by his mum. After Rhys was Texan gal, Kerry Ann Boyko. Turns out Kerry Ann left Texas because she didn’t like the gun crime there. So she moved to Lewisham where she’s finding our knife crime

Tuesday, Star of Kings, June 28th

Write-up done by our guest MC, Barbara Fernandez. We had a packed night of comedy at The Star of Kings yesterday! And the acts were well up for it. Kicking off the night was the wonderful Greg Houston who had us dreaming of the possibilities behind weed donuts. If only! Next was punster Mark Rivlin: cars that fail their MOT? Don’t get him started! It was then over to Theresa Bradstreet who had to make sure none of her 4 ex husbands were in the room…or letterboxes, either! Liz Lohn (Liz Maslakova) shared her favorite Easter egg hunt: laying her own

Monday, Star of Kings, May 16th

Last night at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Growing Old Disgracefully Show, the night where acts who are still haunted by the whine of dial-up get to get up on stage and not see blank faces when they use terms like ‘mix-tape’. First to the stage, and getting things off to a cracking start, was Mark Vincent and his swollen prostate. It was then over to He who cannot be named’s understudy, Nicky Vere-Compton…and Nagini! After HWCBN was the puntastic Mark Rivlin who is opening a chip shop in Bahrain called Sultan Vinegar. It was then over to Rabiah

Mother’s Day at The Star of Kings

Yesterday was our Mother’s Day show and it was a packed house with absolutely no idea the surprise we had in store for the end of the show. The show got going with the hilarious and magnetic stylings of Ros Hale and her pick a hole I got a story approach. It was then over to Lee VG and his resting unamused face, which is ironicaaly the opposite of the audience when he’s on. it was then over to Elliott Cass, who has the look of Harry Potter…if he was on a crack comedown. After Elliott was Xiaosu Xue who

Sunday, March 20th, Star of Kings

Sunday at The Star of Kings kicked off with the mellifluous marvel that is Barbara Fernandez, whose top half is very American and her lower echelons decidedly Parisienne. It was then over to Donal Vaughan, a man who proudly proclaims he is an anti-vegan: he can’t eat anything that hasn’t suffered to get to his plate. Next was Cedric Aubert and The Action Man gay nightclub set that came complete with tiny bottles of poppers and leather chaps. After Cedric was Geet Chawla, whose parents were a bit like the EU in as much as they weren’t happy with the

Wednesday, March 16th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night and kicking things off we had Bond fan Matt Heath, with the first of the evening’s suggestions for what prince Andrew might consider for future employment. The marvellously musical Barbara Fernandez was next. Barbara, as it turns out, sang at her ex-agent’s funeral. At least until security stopped her. It was then over to Ryan Sheehan who has got to a place in life where he really knows himself…and knows he’s utterly fucked. The brilliant Elliott Brown was next with the full range of bakery kinks from bread fucking to loaf sniffing and bagel

Wednesday, March 9th, Arch One

So it was a packed night at Arch1 last night, with a whole load of new faces both on and off stage and they ended up with a cracking show…both on and off stage. First up was the hilarious Matthew Healy who’s a bit like a learner driver when it comes to sex, he just pushes and turns everything in the hope of something getting turned on. We then had the return of the brilliant Amber Phillips and the problems of getting back out into the world post lockdown and the daily hassle of bras again. It was then over