Sunday June 26th, Music & Character Comedy Show, Star of Kings

Sunday afternoon at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Music & Character Comedy Show. These are always a ton of fun and yesterday’s was no exception. Kicking things off we had the wonderful Richard Woolford, who loves nothing more than a bit of knee action. It was then over to Sue the Cleaner (aka Liam Harney). Su’s started dating again, not so much for the sex, though, just to keep ahead of inflation. We then had the musical fabulousness of Cecilia Delatori and a Rolling Stones tribute to Southern Rail. Moss (aka James Watkins) was next with tales from the

Cabaret Night, Star of Kings, May 23rd

So last night at The Star of Kings was the return of G&B’s Cabaret Nights. This was a little experiment to see if we could bring these back (last one was four years ago) and just how much extra work we’d need to put in. I love them, so I reckon it’s worth it. Last night’s show kicked off with Nick Dean (aka Jon Wickham) and the celebrity high life of 16p an hour. It was then over to G&B’s poet laureate, Andy Kyte, whose set was sponsored by the lovely people at Gary’s Cheese Van of Camden. Next was

Tuesday, Star of Kings, May 3rd

Last night at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Music & Character Comedy Night, easily one of my favourite gigs in the G&B calendar. First up was Barry Allen (aka Mark Nicholas) who gave us some great advice: never look directly at The Sun, because its page 3 is crap nowadays. It was then over to Natalie Durkin and just why she wants a shed. It’s waaaaay darker than you might think. Daniel and Molly was next with everything from global politics to artificial intelligence and horny robots. We then had a bit of comedy class from Tasmin Sarkany and

Monday, Star of Kings, April 25th

Monday night at The Star of Kings was our LGBT+ nights and I think it was one of my absolute favourites. First to the mic and kicking things off in true style was the wonderful Lily Webb who has recently deciding to identify as non-binary, because finding new and interesting ways to piss off your parents is a full time job. Next up and keeping things ship shape and spotless was the fabulous Sue-the-Cleaner (aka Liam Harney). Sue has found the cost of living rise tough, so to save money on heating, she has an occasional bath with the toaster.

Tuesday, February 8th, Star of Kings, Music & Character Comedy Night

Last night at The Star of Kings was G&B’s Music & Character Comedy Night. Now these have to be one of my absolute favourite shows. What I love most about these is spotting the audience members who’ve never been to one before, and their ever-building look of WFT! Throughout the evening. And that’s the sheer joy of them, an evening that is a strap yourself in and go with the vibe that never fails to bring the goods…the goods being a comedy rollercoaster ride to crazy town. You just have to come see one of these nights and you’ll be

December 14th, Star of Kings, Camp as Christmas Show

Last night was G&B’s Camp as Christmas Show at The Star of Kings and it certainly lived up to its title. First up was the irrepressibly Northern Natalie Durkin, a gal who doesn’t own a coat and whose favourite tipple is gravy. It was then over to Oli Riordan, who loved having divorced parents as a kid because it meant double the gifts at Christmas. We then had Sassy Clyde, who once and for all put the scissoring myth to bed. It was then over to Dane Buckley, who says he’s half Irish and half Indian and whose nan says