Tuesday, August 2nd, The Albany,

It was a crazy busy night at The Albany – Great Portland Street last night and they were a wonderfully up for it crowd, too. Fist up was Sam Adamson and bereavement dissing and the power of the US tipper. After Sam was Holly Kasselder, who says she’s aggressively single, especially when it comes to her neighbour…or more specifically his cat. We then had Rhys Thorne and just how disappointed his parents were with his potential, specifically his potential to give them grandchildren. Next we had Ben Smolders who was loving the warmth of the crowd, but more so the

Tuesday, July 19th, The Albany

So it was a memorably hot evening last night that presented many problems just getting to a venue, but when we all got to The Albany – Great Portland Street, I think it’s fair to say that air con made it all worthwhile. Kicking things off, and in his trademark shorts, was the hilarious Carwyn Blayney. Carwyn hit us with everything from how to catch virginity to the smell of acne and British bulldog veterans. It was then over to James Townsend and a truly fascinating question: how were those big decisions made before we invented rock, paper, scissors? The

Tuesday, July 5th, The Albany

Write-up by guest MC Barbara Fernandez Last night was a blast at The Albany – Great Portland Street! It felt like a family party, only way funnier and with everyone having fun The night began with George Williams whose liver drives a hard bargain to keep him out of trouble. Then Monica Y Hsueh cautioned us to be careful when signing on the dotted line: you may be getting a marriage instead of a parcel! Louis Brady praised the government for their support of Ukraine – their votes in Eurovision really made a difference. Aidan Morris says guess what? Apparently

G&B’s 8th Birthday at The Star of Kings

So it was G&B’s 8th Birthday! last night and what a truly awesome show it turned out to be. I couldn’t have been happier with everything from the turnout to the line-up. Nights like this one make everything so worthwhile. I even had a tear in my eye at several points during the night…which hasn’t happened since the 80’s! Kicking off the night was a familiar face to everyone who gigged at The Royal George last year, the simply hilarious Steven Mayne. Steven popped the night’s cork with a simply beautiful intro that would have had me blushing if I

Sunday, February 6th, Star of Kings

Yesterday’s Sunday afternoon comedy at The Star of Kings was another of our Growing Old Disgracefully shows…and did it live up to its name! Kicking things off we had the wonderful Theresa Bradstreet and the arid joys of the menopause. It was then over to Nicu Tematoru who regardless of how many people he knows doing it, he refuses to shave his legs. Next was the mellifluous marvel that is Barbara Fernandez, who sang at her ex-agent’s funeral. Turns out the security was sorely lax. It was then over to Ben Henley, winner of the evening’s Harold Shipman look-a-like competition

Thursday, December 2nd, Royal George

It was a slightly quieter night than usual at Royal George Charing Cross Road last night, but the past couple of months have been packed to bursting, so a little more legroom was kinda nice. That said, they were a lovely crowd, so all in all a fun night. Our MC for the evening was the brilliant Steven Mayne who wasted no time getting the room energised and laughing before bringing on our first act of the night, the hilarious Pete Kinsella. Pete has never been to prison, a fact he likes to get out of the way early on,

Thursdays at The Royal George

Headlining December 2nd at Royal George Charing Cross Road we have the wonderfully weird Neuroses (aka Robbie Fox) and the brilliant Rick Kiesewetter. The rest of the evening will have laughs and giggles from this lot: Steven Mayne Cedric Aubert Nativ Gigs Rhys Thorne Lily Webb Dexter Jo Jim Brown Louisa Corr Ben Mills Pete Kinsella Naif Mohamed Jake Zukerman Max Norman Rielle Longhurst Show starts at 7.30pm.

Thursday, November 25th, Royal George

It was another capacity room at Royal George Charing Cross Road last night and they were a wonderfully up for it crowd, too. It was a perfect room to make your MC debut and that’s exactly what Steven Mayne got. As far as first MC spots go, Steven nailed it. The first act of the night Steven brought to the stage was the hilarious Tom Gaskin with just why crabs might enjoy a cocktail umbrella. After Tom we had Sadie Clark. Sadie’s observed that the straight, white men in her life seem to spend half their time apologising for their