Wednesday, August 3rd, Arch One

It’s been an absolutely amazing week at G&B this week, jam-packed rooms, great acts and buzzing audiences. Well, last night at Arch1 was no different. First to the stage was the hilarious Louie Mclean and the problems of expressing shock or surprise without eyebrows. It was then over to Ben Pollard and a truly hilarious musical number dedicated to all those ‘daddies’ out there. Next was Henry Reilly, who claims to be an absolute karicachoor of an Essex man. It was then over to Ben Smolders and why the cartoons we grow up with dictate how, in later life, we

Wednesday, July 27th, Arch One

Well, due to the rail strike, we were expecting a quieter night at Arch1 last night. How wrong could we have been. The club was heaving! And what a brilliant audience they were, too. Duffy Connors kicked off the comedy with the confession he’s not great at sex with humans…and claims not to have much experience outside the ‘human’ field. It was then over to Monica Y Hsueh who believes she has the figure of a lamppost: long body, big head. After Monica was Matthew Healy, whom if he ever has kids is going Paleolithic with the names. His son’s

Wednesday, July 20th, Arch One

Wednesday nights we’re at Arch1 and it was a thankfully cooler evening. First to the stage was the hilarious Callum Mackenzie and Britain’s most popular food: porage, what would happen if bread died. It was then over to Lizzie Simpson, the boob Macarena and the price of enduring love. Pete Innocente was after Lizzie with the metaphysics of Mum and Dad and just why you never wanna piss off Mum. Keeping with God, it was He who told our next act, Ben O’sullivan, to stop exercising. Well you gotta if God tells you. The fabulous SJ Wyatt was next. There

Wednesday, July 13th, Arch One

Over the years at G&B, we’ve got used to the Arch1 phenomenon, but it’s always great to see new acts experience it. If you’ve been to Arch One you’ll already know it’s quite a unique venue anyway, but every now and then something happens there that has everyone, regardless of how many gigs they’ve done, one after the other, up there game, resulting in a night that has everyone leaving absolutely buzzed. Well, last night was one such gig. The night kicked off thanks to Sam Adamson, a kids’ entertainer who knows what the world’s biggest animal is as well

Wednesday, July 6th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night and it was a really fun show that kicked off with a bang thanks to Rosemary Gomes whom as a psychologist has just landed her first celebrity client. Keep it to yourself, but Colin the caterpillar is a bit high maintenance. Next was Tino Giaccotto who’s been having a bit of a tough time recently after his now ex walked out, out on him. The mellifluous Barbara Fernandez was after Tino with the breaking news that her hymen has grown back with the added strength of a trampoline: it now sends dick spiralling into

Wednesday, June 29th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night for our usual Wednesday show and kicking things off we had Rover Tumnus (aka Ben Henley) the UK’s only working comedy dog. Rover seemed to be having a good time on stage, if the wagging tail was anything to go by. It was then over to Callum Mackenzie who comes from a place where swollen prostates and telegrams from The Queen are commonplace. After Callum was Zach Marczika who had us wondering whether the reason batman never leaves Gotham was because Bruce Wayne had an asbo and ankle tag. Matthew Healy was next with

Wednesday, Arch One, June 22nd

t was an evening of non-stop laughs at Arch1 last night. With everyone on cracking form, MCing couldn’t have been an easier job. First up was the hilarious Marc Salmon, the codfather of comedy with the toe fetish…or the toe/finger fetish, to be precise. After Marc we had Joe O’Donovan, who had us all reminiscing the old days when parents put kids on dog leads. Lila Robirosa then educated the room as to just how one treats dysentery and why you shouldn’t be too eager to get rid of old take-away boxes. We then had the triumphant return to the

G&B’s Abandoning The Comfort Zone, Arch One, June 15th

So last night at Arch1 was G&B’s Abandoning The Comfort Zone show, the night where punsters try character acts, observational acts try crowd work, character acts try observational stuff etc. Here everyone leaves behind their usual styles and material and tries their hands at something completely different and out of their comfort zone. The spirit of the night is that everyone is putting it on the line so they’re all in the same boat together. No one gets to hide behind their old styles and material. First up to the stage and putting it on the line was Ben Henley

Wednesday, Arch One, May 8th

Well the last few weks at Arch1 have been simply brilliant nights that remind you why you do comedy and last night’s show was just that. We have a great line-up with some wonderful new acts and a cracking audience who were fabulously up for it. Opening the show we had the hilarious Amber Phillips and the Poundland Derren Brown that is the magic of the Essex father. It was then the turn of Anthony Jeannot who is struggling with the realisation that he’s young enough if he were to die it’d be tragic, but overweight enough that it wouldn’t

Wednesday, Arch One, June 1st

What a night at Arch1 Live Music Venue / Club / Bar yesterday! Acts and audience made this one a night to remember. Starting off in style was Michael Cumes, otherwise known as the man who had a pebble-dashed treehouse and is never more than 5 feet away from a tote bag. Mark Vincent then shared the joys of having a certain body part featured as an ornamental water feature, followed by Gemma Louisianna who declares herself to be a compulsive shopper: just like Elon Musk who, in Gemma’s words, should really be concentrating on the next Pokemon Go inspired