Sunday Afternoon’s at G&B

We’ve two absolute giants at The Star of Kings on Sunday July 24th. Closing the first half we have the absolute legend that is Jimbo and closing the show we have the one and only, hardest man in comedy, Mad Ron (aka Steve Lee).

Sunday Cabaret Show, Star of Kings, July 17th

So it was a hot Sunday afternoon that saw us having our G&B Cabaret show and the first thing our audience enjoyed, before the show even started, was just how glorious our air con is in the club. Kicking off the show was the hilarious Tawny Owl (aka Andy Kyte) who gave everyone a little pro tip for your sets: rather than write prompt on your hands, write them on the inside of your eyelids…just not in permanent marker! It was then over to the sex bomb himself, Hot Rod (aka Ruth Stone). Rod comes from a somewhat rural location

Wednesday, July 13th, Arch One

Over the years at G&B, we’ve got used to the Arch1 phenomenon, but it’s always great to see new acts experience it. If you’ve been to Arch One you’ll already know it’s quite a unique venue anyway, but every now and then something happens there that has everyone, regardless of how many gigs they’ve done, one after the other, up there game, resulting in a night that has everyone leaving absolutely buzzed. Well, last night was one such gig. The night kicked off thanks to Sam Adamson, a kids’ entertainer who knows what the world’s biggest animal is as well

Sunday afternoon at the Star of Kings, July 3rd

Sunday afternoon’s comedy kicked off with the glorious Rosemary Gomes whom as psychologist really does comedy so others have to sit and just listen to her for a change. It was then over to Duffy Connors whose blood type is AA before we had the history of the sausage and its ancient Greek roots thanks to Samuel Love. It was then over to the hilarious Cecily Hitchcock who reckons at the start of a relationship she gives handjobs like she’s loading a gun, but this soon wanes to the enthusiasm of a half hearted one arm bandit. We then had

Wednesday, June 29th, Arch One

We were at Arch1 last night for our usual Wednesday show and kicking things off we had Rover Tumnus (aka Ben Henley) the UK’s only working comedy dog. Rover seemed to be having a good time on stage, if the wagging tail was anything to go by. It was then over to Callum Mackenzie who comes from a place where swollen prostates and telegrams from The Queen are commonplace. After Callum was Zach Marczika who had us wondering whether the reason batman never leaves Gotham was because Bruce Wayne had an asbo and ankle tag. Matthew Healy was next with

Wednesday, Arch One, June 22nd

t was an evening of non-stop laughs at Arch1 last night. With everyone on cracking form, MCing couldn’t have been an easier job. First up was the hilarious Marc Salmon, the codfather of comedy with the toe fetish…or the toe/finger fetish, to be precise. After Marc we had Joe O’Donovan, who had us all reminiscing the old days when parents put kids on dog leads. Lila Robirosa then educated the room as to just how one treats dysentery and why you shouldn’t be too eager to get rid of old take-away boxes. We then had the triumphant return to the

Monday, Star of Kings, June 20th

It was a really fun night at The Star of Kings last night with a wonderfully buzzing audience and non-stop quality comedy. First to the mic was Connor Yeates who has a rather fab way to guage a room’s white guilt. Jack Short, who stepped in to fill a no-show spot, confessed to having lost 3 stone. Apparently he was getting fed up with abuse about his weight…when he visited his parents! Moss then gave the audience a birthday card so we all remembered we’re gonna die before David Ian told us he often gets a Grindr hook up just

Sunday afternoon at The Star of Kings, June 19th

It was a fun and busy day at The Star of Kings yesterday. The afternoon began with our Everything but the Gags workshop at 12.30pm. This workshop was originally done over Zoom during lockdown, so had to be condensed to two and a half hours for our pre-show time slot. I hope everyone got some useful stuff out of it. I suspect there will be some creepy face masks in Amazon shopping baskets today (you had to be there). When the show kicked off at 3.30pm, we had a wonderfully packed room with an audience who were so wonderfully up